Coub: It’s Like a Meme Generator, but for Creating Videos

Most filmmakers need a camera crew, lights, audio technicians, and graphic designers to create a movie or even a short film. However, as the world is becoming more digital, there are new tools for users to create high-quality, short videos from anywhere in the world. One of these new resources is called Coub – it’s an easy-to-use platform for creating videos that transforms content into something worthwhile.

“It allows you to bring new life to the content you’ve already seen and love dearly. It’s a next step in internet culture,” says Anastasia Popova, the Marketing Director at Coub. “Everyone could do the same with images before – generating memes by putting text over a picture – and we’ve made it possible to do the same with video.”

Coub is the next breakthrough platform for creating videos. Essentially, they’ve created an easy and fun way for anyone to make sharable, funny and artistic content.

“Before only professionals could remix video content, but with Coub everyone can do it. Which is awesome,” says Anton Gladkoborodov, the cofounder of Coub. “Coub is about cultural awareness too. Everyone can go see what audio and visual content Coubs are made out of because we link back to the original content.”

 Coub Features: Setting Themselves Apart in the Video Platform Market

 Although there are hundreds of video platforms, Coub does have a few unique features. Here’s what first time users should know:

  • Take a snippet of any clip: “You paste a link from YouTube, Vimeo or whatever other video hoster, choose up to 10 best seconds and add an audio track if you want,” says Popova.
  • Use Coub’s online video editor: “All Coubs are created with Coub’s online video editor, which is easy and fun to use. Coub is all about remix culture,” says Popova.
  • Each User has a Feed: Feeds include coubs and “recoubs” from that user. Coubs can be shared on social media as well.
  • From static images to moving video: Users can take video from a fashion shoot, scenery or landscape. They can loop slight movements together with a soundtrack to change the impression completely.
  • Coubs can be created on or on a mobile device using their iOS app.

While Coub is an international startup that originally founded in Moscow in 2012, they have already achieved notable milestones in the US.

“We have grown in the US from 1 million to 2 million uniques in the the past few months and we are continuing to grow,” says Popova. “Globally, we have 50 million unique viewers monthly and over 700,000 Coubs have already been created. We can’t wait to see what happens next.”

There are a few other statistics to take note of — There are over 51,986 monthly new Coubs created (or one Coub per minute) and Over 500 Coubs have gone viral and had over 1 million views apiece.

More about Coub and Their Team

Between Gladkoborodov and Popova, the Coub team has a great blend of marketing expertise, media experience and business skills to grow and expand Coub.

According to a press release, Gladkoborodov’s last two projects and Theory and Practice are reach millions of viewers everyday in Russia. Additionally, Popova has been working in media for the past 10 years holding positions as a junior reporter for Vedomosti/Financial Times and a Chief Copywriter for the branding agency Winter in Moscow.

From these experiences, both can offer advice to young entrepreneurs.

“Create a product, think about how users will use your product and always work to improve it. Once you’re in there’s no other option: always keeping thinking and improving,” says Gladkoborodov who founded Coub with his brother Igor Gladkoborodov and Mikhail Tabunov.

Popova also says young entrepreneurs should understand the role marketing plays in the success of a brand or product.

“When you see the audience start to grow, never forget, that product is marketing and marketing is the product. You’ll be able to acquire and attach your users only if you think how your product works,” says Popova. “And never diminish the role of awareness. People need to know that your product exists to start using it.”

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