Daplie Is the World’s First Private In-Home Server for Consumers

The cloud has completely transformed the business world. With every business form, file, and style guide available anywhere in the world, the remote work movement has begun and made life so much easier for employers and employees alike. From editorial teams to customer service employees, everyone is taking advantage of the cloud when it comes to work.

So what’s the catch? Unfortunately, no one has been able to guarantee the safety of information held on these devices. With relatively universal access and millions of cyber attackers on the prowl, some companies believe that their private information doesn’t belong on something so hackable. Fortunately, a private server can do a lot to save information from these digital predators. And one company wants to give you the chance to have one for yourself.

Daplie is introducing the Cloud, the world’s first private, in-home server for everyday people. It has a required Internet infrastructure to easily connect the owner to personal data and devices in-home, securely. This means no storage limits, no monthly fees, and greater security and autonomy.  

“In a world-gone-wild with connected devices, we are striving to put the “I” back in Internet,” said AJ ONeal, the cofounder & CTO of Daplie in a press release. “We enable normal everyday people to have the convenience of their very own Cloud Server to manage their digital lives, completely in the safety and privacy of their own home.”

Yes, having your own private server in your home sounds pretty technically confusing. The maintenance alone must be a chore befitting Tim Cooks or Elon Musk, right? Completely wrong. Daplie takes care of all the technical work by automating all the necessary functions. All you have to do is use it.

“We automate all of the technical know-how in a device that sits in the home rather than somewhere out on the Internet,” said ONeal.

Security is paramount when it comes to the protection of business information. And with the internet in such a “wild west” era at the moment, the protection of information is more important than ever. With Cloud from Daplie, you can guarantee that you’ll be safe from any hacker that thinks they can mess with you.

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