Dazzled Cars Is the Prime App for Car Enthusiasts

Have you taken a selfie or asked your friend to take a picture with a Ferrari or, let’s say, a Lamborghini Aventador parked just down the street? I know I did when I was in Venice, Italy. These photos can be shared with friends either via social media with the punch line “my latest ride” or by using Dazzled Cars, a new app designed just for these “whoa” moments.

Dazzled Cars is a neat little app combining marketplace and social network functionality for car lovers. It was dreamed up and created by Scott Cairns, CFO of an automotive company in the Middle East. Dazzled Cars aims to connect all people who love great cars from all over the world.
Dazzled Cars opens with a live newsfeed, where you can browse the latest pictures taken in various places on the globe by users who spotted a gem parked down the street. Users can vote and like the cars they see or upload their own gem in the form of a picture or video, and tag friends.


Besides just sharing the “whoa” moment with the community, Dazzled Car also has a car marketplace built in, where you can either sell or buy a car. Currently, there are no cars available, and considering that the majority of users have their own sources where they look for their next purchase, this marketplace could be limited to supercars . . . or maybe I’m wrong. It will depend on the user base, which, since the app has only just been around fora short while, is pretty limited.


Dazzled Cars with grow with you. As soon as you and your friends and other car lovers start using it, there will be one great reason to launch the app: alongside browsing through awesome cars, you’ll also get automotive industry related news.

Have a car pic you want to share? Dazzle the car lover community and post it with your custom message. Download Dazzled Cars for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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