DC-Based Personal Launches Fill It for Quick and Safe Auto-Filling on Online Forms

Last week, Personal – a DC-based startup which provides a secured digital data vault for consumers’ information, passwords, and files – launched the world’s largest form library at Fill It, giving people a tool to securely and automatically fill almost any form in the world.

Literally millions of forms are filled every day by people from all over the world – that’s millions of people, every day, having to go through the drudgery of mindlessly filling in all these blank spaces. At some point, though, we’ll all cross the threshold of sanity, and our souls will begin to imprint themselves on all the empty space that will never be filled (because, you know, by then we’ll be brain-dead).

“Fillit.com marks the next major milestone for Personal, advancing our mission to empower individuals with the data they need to power their lives,” said cofounder and CEO Shane Green in a statement. “After experiencing the magic of seeing long forms completed in seconds, our users asked why they should ever have to waste time finding or re-entering information on forms. Fillit.com will help them understand how they can finally start taking control of their data and will help companies and organizations build forms with the needs of their users in mind.”

With Personal’s Fill It, any form on a website can be auto-filled, letting us avoid the time-consuming and oft-times frustrating process of putting in our information. Launched with an initial library of 140,000 indexed online forms, most of the Internet’s forms can be automatically filled out simply by utilizing Fill It. The library also contains 100 Smart Forms, which can be used in place of over 1 million paper forms, allowing users to use Fill It to fill out even physical forms. Additionally, the platform can be integrated into mobile sites and apps, giving people with the ability to fill in forms on-the-go, as well.

There are already hundreds of password managers, digital wallets, and form fillers out there, but Fill It goes beyond the current limitations of such tools. Its web extension and mobile app are able to support over 1,200 different types of reusable data, even enabling them to unlock more confidential information so they can complete longer forms, including patient registrations, job applications, event registrations, school admissions, insurance and bank applications, and government forms. And, because all of that data is stored in Personal’s digital data vault, users are ensured that none of their personal information leaks out into seedy parts of the Web.

Visit FillIt.com to learn more.

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