Ronald Barba was the previous managing editor of Tech.Co. His primary story interests include industry trends, consumer-facing apps/products, the startup lifestyle, business ethics, diversity in tech, and what-is-this-bullsh*t things.

Aside from writing about startups and entrepreneurship, Ronald is interested in 'Doctor Who', Murakami, 'The Mindy Project', and fried chicken. He is currently based in New York because he mistakenly studied philosophy in college and is now a "writer". Tweet @RonaldPBarba.


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ShearShare Wins Startup of the Year at Innovate Celebrate

At this year's Innovate Celebrate, the McKinney, TX-based startup ShearShare won first place in the Startup of the Year competition. Chosen from an initial batch of nearly 1,000 startups and after competition against approximately 50 other startups in the Startup of the Year ...


Venture Is a Crappy Place to Find Capital

Compared to last year, 2016 so far has seen a sizable drop in the number of venture funding deals: They plummeted by about five percent. Comparing Q2 of this year to last, we see a sizable drop in numbers (1,117 North American deals in Q2 2016...


How to Create a Successful Social Good App

This article was brought to you in partnership with Mobile Future, whose expertise in wireless innovations is helping to inform and connect tech innovators, mobile entrepreneurs, and policymakers. Submit your mobile app by October 5 at 6 PM (ET) for a chance at $10,000...


Nominate the Most Notable NYC Startup Founders Over 40

According to one study, the average age of your modern-age tech startup founder is 31 and didn't study a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concentration in college. While the higher age seems surprising (at least when we consider the widespread belief that ...


Amazon Books and the Oblivion of Discovery

“Amazon Books—like the surrounding mall—feels like it's predicated on anxiety. Its very existence may be meant as an answer to anxieties within the company about a persistent inability to overcome the question of ‘discovery,’ both for Amazon Publishing titles and ...


No One Gives a Sh*t About Your Hustle

In 1876, Thomas Jefferson died after a long struggle with the hustle – the polymathic third President of our country literally died from hustling his ass trying to do the science and the architecture and the politics and everything else in between. But you...