Decisionaire: Helping the World Make Better Decisions

The founders of Decisionaire have found their niche in something that people do all day, every day – make decisions.  The purpose of this Baltimore-based startup is to help the world make better decisions by providing a marketplace where individuals can sell their decision-making expertise.

According to their website, the idea for Decisionaire came about as follows:

“We believe everyone is good at something, and everyone has something to contribute. Our ‘Aha!’ moment came when we realized that if we could figure out a way to codify an individual (or organization’s) decision-making process onto the Internet, then we could create a marketplace where everyone could benefit from everyone else’s expertise. Decisionaire’s marketplace allows experts from all walks of life to monetize and sell their expertise without having to start a software company.”  

So what kinds of decisions can be commodified through Decisionaire? The possibilities are basically limitless.  We can’t be experts on everything (despite what we may want to believe), so no matter how big or small a decision may seem, it can’t hurt to get some assistance from an expert.  Sellers can name their own prices depending on the complexity of the decision-making skills they provide.

The ultimate goal is to help people reach their full potential and be as successful as possible.  There are the traditional ways that people share their expertise, through writing books, teaching courses, consulting, etc. This model of knowledge sharing stands apart because it provides an online platform where people can turn their expertise into a software application that others can buy.

One thing that the founders stress upon is that no technical expertise is needed to create a Decisionaire.  The level of work involved is similar to creating a survey on SurveyMonkey.  Right now Decisionaire is still in beta, but you can sign up on their website to receive more information or to get involved.

For a deeper understanding of Decisionaire, watch cofounder Jeff Mason present the company’s vision at Baltimore TechBreakfast.

Kristin Pryor is a writer who is interested in startups and entrepreneurship.

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