15 Most Desired Positions According to Recruiters on LinkedIn

It has been proven on multiple occasions that working at a job you hate is worse for your mental health than being unemployed. Sure, the stress of being financially strained can be too much to bare, but the sheer emotional and physical exhaustion that results from terrible bosses, overflowing schedules, and unfulfilling work far outweighs any mental health issues that arise from being jobless. Fortunately, finding a new job is easy, as long as you know what recruiters are looking for.

If you don't feel like asking 4,000 recruiters what they think the best fields to pursue are, don't worry! LinkedIn has done the heavy lifting for you, by surveying 4,000 recruiters on their popular job search website. Check out the positions below and get your job search on the right track.

  1. Sales
  2. Operations
  3. Engineering
  4. Information Technology
  5. Business Development
  6. Marketing
  7. Program and Project Development
  8. Administrative
  9. Finance
  10. Product Management
  11. Accounting
  12. Human Resources
  13. Quality Assurance
  14. Support
  15. Consulting

There are a few notable takeaways from this list. First off, despite the constant evolution of business and the technology-driven focus of most companies, engineering and information technology somehow only came in at third and fourth on the list. With sales and operations taking the top two spots, it's clear that recruiters are still looking for people that can deal with people, rather than technology.

“Businesses that hire multifaceted, agile employees who can quickly adapt to new technologies and circumstances are the ones that position themselves as leaders in their industries,” said Daniel Newman, the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group in a Forbes post. “Technology may be the driving force behind the shifting face of industry, but it’s how your employees respond that will make—or break—the future of your business.”

When you're looking for a job, don't be bogged down by the list too much. Obviously, tweaking and adjusting your resumé to each position is recommended. But if you're interested in quality assurance or human resources, don't be dissuaded from pursuing your passion. Because a resumé will get you in the door. But passion will get you the job.

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