Digital Imaging in the World of Dentistry

Whether we want to admit it or not, dental technology plays a crucial role when it comes to treatment plans and patient experience. Standard dentistry education has only just begun to focus on the importance of dental technology — in our technology-first world, businesses must stay up-to-date on the latest technologies in all fields, including health.

Dental Imagery in a Digital-First World

Dentistry has gone a long way since it’s beginnings — it’s branched out to several categories of study. There are already a lot of specializations of dentistry such as cosmetic dentistry, neuro-muscular dentistry, and clinical dentistry. All of these specializations rely on certain technologies for them to do their work well. However, even the most innovative of these technologies constantly need upgrades to ensure effectiveness.

From X-Rays to 3D Imaging

One of the most popular forms of dental technology among dentists and dental clinics is digital imaging. Some clinics who have a lesser budget settle with 2D imaging while bigger dental institutions who are capable of implementing 3D imagery for their dental services and research. Imaging is crucial because it can provide dentists extensive data and information that will help them establish a plan and proper approach towards any dental surgery or procedure that they are going to undergo.

The CBCT scans provides comprehensive visuals that enable dentists to easily map out a plan outlined by a semi-prototype of the subject that they are going to work on is already provided right in front of them. This way, all of the factors can be considered and unpredictable clinical tendencies can be avoided. Although this is just one example, it showcases the importance of implementing the latest technologies in dental imagery for the innovation of the field.

Over the past three decades, dentistry was only limited to the x-ray system as its main imaging technology. The x-ray alone was already a big leap not just for dentistry but for healthcare in general. Given the impact of x-ray technology at that time, 3D imaging is a massive leap for the industry.

These days, the best “state-of-the-art” dental procedures known to the industry heavily rely on digital imaging. Imaging has become the cornerstone not just for dental procedures but also for medical processes all around the world. Just imagine how far the industry has since then, and what is possible for the future.

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