This App Lets Me See How My Dog Sees the World

I love our family dog and I wish I had him in New York with me or had at least had a dog of my own to accompany in this lonely and crowded city, but seeing as I can barely take care of myself at the moment, I don’t see dog ownership anywhere within my grasp anytime soon. If I were to have a dog in the city, it would be interesting to see how my dog would see the world. Well, now, there’s a simple web app that will allow me to do exactly that.

Dog Vision is a compact web application that allows you to upload any picture and turn it into an image that reflects how your dog would see that same image. Whereas we may see the world in its different shades of red, green, blues, yellows, and all other colors, dogs view the world in red-green color blindness; it is very sad.

Using the app you can disable some features like the Deuteranopia filter (red-green color blindness) or brightness discrimination, but why would you? If you truly love your dog, then you would go ahead and try to see what they see as accurately as possible. Of course, vision isn’t the primary way through which dogs see the world. While these images can be construed as depressing portraits of the world around us, dogs also view the world by scent, giving an additional layer to the world that we ourselves don’t have access to – so, I mean, don’t feel too bad that your dog basically has the eyesight of an octogenerian. Check out the photos I processed through Dog Vision, then go and try it for yourself.

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