DSYNC: All Business Systems Linked In One

Businesses that have data stored in different applications, or even across multiple systems integrating that data can be a real challenge. If they don’t have an in-house programming staff, then things are even more difficult. This is where DSYNC just might be able to help.

DSYNC is a system integration platform that was designed for the retail, healthcare, and fintech industries. It is specifically suited to handling high volume transactions. It doesn’t matter if a business is dealing with multiple systems, the cloud, or legacy systems. DSYNC can seamlessly integrate them giving them better access to all of your data from a single vantage point.

Applications for DSYNC include:

  • CRM
  • Point of Sale
  • Email
  • Website
  • Accounting
  • Sales Channels

About the Company

DSYNC Martin Novak left , Simon Church right side

DSYNC is an Australian startup that was launched in 2015. It now has offices in both the United States and Australia. As of today, it has raised seed funds of 1.5 million dollars. The company also has the honor of being ‘1 of 14 selected by KPMG for Banking Accelerator mLabs 2016 ‘. Co-founders Martin Novak and Simon Church are both excited to enter into the 500 billion dollar integration market.

Top Selling Points

The first thing that will catch the attention of first-time users of this product is its ease of use. Most integration tools require at least some, rudimentary, programming skills. This isn’t required with DSYNC. Instead, users simply drag and drop to make the connections from system to system. The mapping engine allows them to pick the fields required to map from system to system. There is a built in feature to automatically select matched fields, but users can also customize fields. Anyone who has ever had to map fields from a legacy system to fields in a newer system knows that disparate field lengths and types can cause big issues.

Pricing is also a big selling point as the company offers Enterprise level tools with pricing tiers that are closer to SAAS pricing. Users will definitely appreciate the fact that the free trial gives unlimited access to all of the tools and features included with the product.

High Volume Ready

It’s great that this tool facilitates integration in a way that is so easy to use and so fast. However, the real test is in the way that transactions are handled. Multiple test cases where large volumes of transactions were simulated in a short period of time during the evaluation of this utility. DSYNC managed to keep up virtually in real time. This makes this tool especially well-suited for banking, healthcare, and retail.

Reducing Redundancy in Labor


One area in which businesses could really see a money saving application is in the area of data entry. Instead of having to enter customer data into a cloud-based CRM system, a link can simply be created between the new system and a legacy, sales database. This makes the legacy data accessible on the new system without having to manually enter it in.

CIO Martin Novak put it very well when he said:

“In the world of retail there are many companies that have with incompatible data sets and management software. Created at different times over the years, unfortunately none of them would play well together, forcing the IT department to find ways to integrate the disparate systems.

This tool is easy to use, even for those who aren’t very tech-savvy. It allows users to easily bring systems and applications together with an intelligent data mapping tool and drag and drop interface. Combine this with super competitive pricing, and this is a definite winner for any business where system integration is needed to remain competitive.

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