E-Learning for Millennials Goes Mobile with NHGO Live

Everything around workforce training and development must be mobile enough to consume it anywhere at anytime. Yet, there is a foundational need for people seeking direct interaction with an instructor. Sometimes this involves clarifying a particular question, or maybe you just enjoy being in a virtual room collaborating with other students. Whatever your learning and training needs, e-learning platform NH Learning Solutions developed NHGO Live to address both pain points.

NH Learning Solutions is a subsidiary of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers. COO Tynan Fischer said NHGO Live addresses the immediate and long-term e-learning goals of Millennials. The subscription-based format allows users to buy yearly access to a vast video library of current technology training. Additionally, the $495 yearly fee gives access to the large daily class schedule held daily.

“We have five to six live classes each day,” Fischer said. “A student can watch the self-paced video series about any topic, and then follow-up with a class with other students and a live instructor.”


New Horizons is an old company by technology standards. Founded in 1982, New Horizons saw the need for ongoing training and learning. It survived the tech bubble of the 90s and capitalized on the growing e-learning needs of the workforce after 2001. Fischer worked his way up from the ground level franchise into the executive role today. He said the need for mobile e-learning is more important than ever.

“After 9/11 and the consolidation of business budgets, we saw the first jump in the need for continuous online training,” he said. “Then after 2008 with travel budgets slashed even more, there was another spike. Even with the lack of funds for training, it didn’t end the need for workers to keep up to date.”

E-Learning & Millennials

Fischer said the focus for NHGO Live is primarily on the Millennial demographic, for specific reasons:

“We see that Millennials have targeted needs,” he said. “They want a certain piece of information and they want it now. That’s where the self-paced aspect comes into play with NHGO.”

NHGO Live is the second tier of the product that addresses the need to face of face interaction. “Our instructors are always on the screen,” Fischer said. “Traditional e-learning models are often a simple Power Point and lecture concept. The instructor is off the screen after a brief introduction. We believe having someone look at you while you are learning is an important part of the experience.”

The instructors are also a vital part of the business model for NHGO Live. All instructors work for NH Learning Solutions. Contractors are only used in rare cases. “These people have ten to 20 years of experience in their fields,” Fischer said. “Having them is vital to the ongoing success of our product.

Keeping the Content Relevant

Coping with the rapidly-evolving technical landscape is another issue NH addresses through partnerships with major technology groups like Microsoft and Cisco. Additionally, with more than 300 global franchise locations, the amount of feedback. While technologically advanced countries like America enjoy the portability of the mobile platform that comes with good bandwidth, emerging international markets enjoy the brick and mortar option. The brick and mortar locations provide valuable feedback keeping the company on top of emerging technology trends like ITIL.

“That started in Australia and grew into a valuable program for technology companies globally,” Fischer said. “Without the physical location, we would’ve been behind the curve.”

Fischer said their certifications are rock solid because of the professional partnerships with major technology companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and Cisco.

NHGO Live is now in Beta with a release planned in the next 30 days. The two-tier subscription plan starts at $29.95 monthly and $399 annually for NHGO. The second tier of NHGO Live is annual only at $499. Follow NH Learning Solutions on Facebook and Twitter for more launch details.

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