I am a technology start up writer. I love to explore the people and stories behind the new ideas changing the world. The best part of the discovery is the preparation which goes into the project. I believe context is important for ALL questions. The most important question you will ever ask and answer is why.


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How to Automate Your Airbnb Properties

Everything is automated these days. For Airbnb property managers, they know that vacation rentals are no different. It’s time for you to hop aboard the automation train. After all, despite regulatory issues threatening to slow Airbnb growth—“battles between tech companies ...


How Crowdfunding is Finding Its Way Into Real Estate

There is a tendency to think of crowdfunding as one of the latest tools that entrepreneurs and startup companies are using to fund their projects and new endeavors. While this is a very familiar concept for those who have heard of crowdfunding, technology tools...


How This Company’s ICO Quietly Netted $600K

Initial Coin Offerings for new cryptocurrencies are designed to maximize buzz and satisfy the urge to get in on the “next big thing.” And the media headlines are also fueling the recent ICO craze:“$150 Million raised in 52 seconds,” “Sold out in 7.5 Seconds,” ...


A Possible Case Study in CRM:

Customer acquisition and customer retention are the top issues for startups. The process of identifying the correct market and tailoring products to meet specific needs will result in traction necessary for unicorns to flourish. But customer relationship management takes time ...


Seattle Start Up Week: Data Science and Your Start Up

With new career fields emerging in the world of Big Data, founding and efficiently scaling your start-up means finding and keeping team members who can handle the vast amounts of data your concepts needs to work. Lee Ngo hosted a panel at Seattle Startup...


Scaling Your Start Up Means Nailing Market Timing

Knowing when to scale is the single most important reason for startup success. Janis Machala of Paladin Partners says that market timing is the biggest reason by orders of magnitude. This part is more art than science and is a function of product market...


Seattle Startup Week welcomes Lee Ngo of Galvanize

Startups are all about breaking paradigms and creating new possibilities. At Seattle Startup Week 2015, Lee Ngo is interested in educational models that condenses the time frame necessary to learn. Lee was inspired by his experiences of Startup Weekend and their premise of ...


Why Critical Thinking Is Not Essential for Your Startup

There are many articles bemoaning the lack of critical thinking skills in students graduating from college and in society in general. Apparently, newly minted graduates lack the faculties to properly execute the daily routines of necessary decision-making that make business ...