4 eLearning Companies You Should Watch Out For in 2017

The world can always use more lifelong learners. Aside from the experience gained from pursuing a career, people leverage technology for opportunities to increase their knowledge, expand their skills, and advance their way to success.

The many eLearning companies out there help greatly with this cause. Whether it’s for an MBA, business, or a new language, there are online resources out there that can help lifelong learners succeed in their chosen path.

However, it falls onto the student to choose the right company that can provide them with adequate knowledge and training – shaping them into individuals committed to competence, excellence, and the drive to make an impact. So take a look at these companies to make the right decision:


Learning a new language is a daunting and intimidating challenge. Unfortunately, this is a requirement for some professionals, especially those who will be working overseas or dealing with foreign prospects. With Memrise, you can make the entire process a lot more fun using challenges and mnemonic devices.

Memrise was cofounded by Ed Cooke and Greg Detre back in September 2010. The duo was intrigued with how the brain stores long-term memory and how humans can develop tools to improve the consolidation of information. That’s how the vision behind Memrise was formed – leading to the launch of the Memrise website or “Memrise 1.0” in October 2012.

Aside from languages, self-learners can also access courses in arts, literature, environment, history, math, and some other fields. Teachers, on the other hand, can take advantage of a multimedia flashcard game by creating a study group for students.



PeerLoop is an eLearning startup that provides a channel for feedbacks that can help students and employees grow. Before the company was founded in 2016, classmates Chang Li and Mark Chen initially thought of a platform that can help with team projects. What they found out is that peer feedback needs to be communicated in a seamless and actionable way to make the most impact.

The way it works is quite simple. As a user, you can make feedback requests that utilize the SKS Framework – stop, keep, and start. This means recipients will respond to you with the things you should stop doing, keep on doing, and start doing to improve.

Feedback requests can be one-directional or mutual. For teams, it’s crucial to create mutual requests to give everyone the opportunity to provide their insights. But for the student-teacher relationship, a one-directional feedback request will be apter.



Studypool doesn’t prioritize having tons of content pre-made and ready to serve millions of learners. Rather, the main goal is to achieve mastery in the major areas that benefit each student the most.

Instead of treating all students the same, Studypool tends to the specific needs of each learner – whether it’s for homework, business, or self-development reasons. Aside from answering the user’s questions, the platform also provides guidance on how the information can be applied.

A core feature of Studypool is live online tutoring, which only costs around $10 per hour – significantly more affordable than an in-house tutor. Most micro tutoring sessions, on the other hand, are priced around $1-$5. According to Richard Werbe, cofounder and CEO of Studypool, the website’s mission is to make access to information as effortless as possible. That has been the company’s vision ever since it was founded in 2014. A year later, it closed on $1.2 million in seed funding with 22,000 new tutors.




Lastly, Simplilearn is an eLearning website that offers professional training and certification programs. It started out as a project management blog run and maintained by CEO Krishna Kunar in 2009.

For individual learners, Simplilearn is an excellent resource for in-depth learning videos, quizzes, and other forms of course material. Everything, including videos, can be downloaded straight to your phone for easy access even without internet connection. Courses also offer official certification upon completion – some coming from organizations such as the SCRUM ALLIANCE and the International Institute of Business Analysis.

Through 2013 and 2015, the eLearning company has raised around $25 million in two funding rounds before finally closing its offline training centers and going fully online. Today, the company has trained 400,000+ professionals and helped big companies like Cisco, Samsung, and Apple with corporate training programs.


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