Is MailChimp Really the Best Solution for Email Marketing?

Email marketing may be an older form of content marketing, but it is far from dead. In fact, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways for brands to engage with their followers and convert new leads.

If you are having trouble creating successful email marketing campaigns, you may need to invest in better email marketing tools. There are several great tools that allow you to segment your lists and send targeted messages to your recipients.

While MailChimp is considered the champion of email marketing, there’s a wide range of other tools that can make things easier than ever. Compare them below and make your choice:


MailChimp is the preferred email marketing solution of 7 million marketers across the world. These marketers send 500 million emails every day, so MailChimp is clearly a very effective platform. MailChimp has a free starter program for new marketers. You don’t have to pay to use it as long as you have fewer than 2000 subscribers, and you have sent fewer than 12,000 emails.

Mailchimp’s photo editor allows you to easily tweak the images and colors of your opt-in forms. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide the same breadth of options that other’s do. However, it’s a lot easier to use, which makes it a better fit for beginners.

Another advantage of MailChimp is that you can see how your emails and opt-in forms look on different devices. Since a growing number of consumers are using mobile devices, it’s a good idea to preview your content for smartphones and tablets.

MailChimp has very sophisticated split-testing tools. You should take advantage of them if you’re trying to optimize your email marketing campaigns.


Aweber has a wide range of email marketing tools. It also only costs about $20 a month, so it’s ideal for marketers on a limited budget.

You can use Aweber to create customized opt-in forms. You can choose from a wider range of colors than MailChimp, which can help you significantly increase your subscriber conversion rate. This is one of the main reasons that Steve of My Wife Quit Her Job decided to switch from MailChimp to Aweber.

Aweber is used by over 120,000 businesses across the world. The email marketing service is particularly popular with bloggers and small businesses.


GetResponse was founded in 1999, which makes it one of the oldest online marketing firms. They have provided email marketing services for nearly 20 years. They have also recently released a new marketing automation tool.

Daniel Brzezinski, CMO and vice president of marketing at GetResponse told VentureBeat that their new marketing automation software was specifically created with bootstrapped businesses in mind.

“SMB marketing automation has seen low market penetration for two simple reasons. The first is price. SMB marketing budgets are comparatively small. Most automation tools, on the other hand, are expensive, forcing long-term contract commitments. The second challenge has been sheer ease-of-use. Unlike enterprise businesses, most SMBs don’t have extensive IT expertise in-house.”

In addition to its cost-effectiveness, there are a number of other great reasons to use GetResponse. It has a great set of responsive design tools. You can create emails and opt-in forms that look great on any device. You’ll have access to over 100 different landing page templates.

Unlike other email marketing solutions, GetResponse can be used for more than email marketing. You can use it to monitor your shopping cart abandonment rate, automate your social media marketing, and integrate various payment providers with your shopping cart. GetResponse is a very versatile platform for ecommerce.

Due to its impeccable reputation, affordable pricing options, wide array of features, and exceptional customer service, GetResponse is the preferred email marketing and marketing automation service for small businesses on limited budgets.

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