Emotional Leadership Is Vital for All Startup Founders

Success is no longer measured by the amount of zeros in your bank statement. While every startup founder needs to have an eye on the bottom line, quality leadership doesn’t come from a quarterly report. It doesn’t come from funding announcements, and it doesn’t come from entrepreneur awards. The foundation of a success is built on character.

As leaders, entrepreneurs, and startup owners, learning to lead with character is imperative. Establishing your essence in developing characteristics grounded in emotional intelligence is drastically shaping the way people look at the new era of success.

It begins with self-awareness. The ability to grow and understand how you operate in the given context of the workplace, or more simply your strengths and shortcomings. When you are more aware, your navigation through problem solving and decision making comes with ease. You are readily able to understand perspectives and appreciate the ones you may not typically jive with.

Remember your mother saying when decisions are made in haste, they rarely ever serve you, or rather come back in some way to haunt you? Here are 4 essential traits that shape emotional leadership which include these 4 key characteristics:


Embracing what you’re building and being open to the feelings of others is the key to quality leadership. Understanding the perception and the perspective of the other person contributes to the art of finding the reasons behind the decision making, and thought process of others.

With kindness and warmth, this is the new era of leadership. And if you think you can yell your way into a good team, you’re kidding yourself.


When you’re able to be vulnerable and showcase a more “human” and relatable side to you, it offers humility, trust, and respect that is instantly gained. It offers a tremendous opportunity for founders and employees alike to realize they are imperfect beings.

Celebrate flaws and champion aspects of yourself that make you human. This offers the chance to have more collaboration and more cohesion with families, businesses, communities, and societies as a whole.


There is never any judgment in curiosity. This deep understanding and inquisition to know more will not only help you thrive as a founder but will make you relatable to team members. To understand why, and to pursue the unknown will help you gain a different perspective, a different thought process, and encourage openness and expansion.


Also known as hustle, grit will get you through the tough times of startup life. You understand that adversity is a part of life and you embrace the tenacity and fierce capacity to rise up again and again, in the face of the natural ebb and flow of life.

It is not about being the victim, but rather opening oneself to life’s valuable lessons that strengthen your core as a human. Utilize the silver lining in each scenario, so that you can make better decisions as a result.

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