Enterprise Technology Trends that Save Businesses Money

As technological advancements become increasingly apparent throughout the business world, there is one common myth we hear every day – “New technologies are expensive!” While this may not be entirely untrue, today’s technology has come to a point where it will actually better a business – financially. I wanted to outline three recent money-saving enterprise technology trends in today’s enterprise world.

The Cloud

One of the main trends we see in today’s technology is the utilization of The Cloud. Cloud technology is shaping the way for businesses throughout the world to reduce unnecessary spending on hardware and updates, while granting the ability for a business to run smoothly across a plethora of devices (computers, smartphones, tablets…etc.)


In the world of freight, vehicle tracking technology is opening windows for companies to save large amounts of money, in addition to reducing a company’s carbon footprint – another growing trend in the business world. GPS tracking is enabling freight companies to save money on fuel, employee work hours, and insurance costs – here is a way to calculate these savings.

Social Media

Social media is taking the business world by storm, and is becoming more apparent in the marketing world than ever before. Social media is a fantastic, and more than likely, free approach to business marketing. Of course, there are many steps to planning a cost-efficient social media strategy; however, this can replace a majority of “old school” marketing ploys, and if not free, a social media campaign will cost just a fraction of previous marketing strategies.



Technology is working tirelessly to solve the trials of the business world. These advancements are ultimately paving the way for many startup businesses to save money and show success earlier than what may have been possible before.


Thank you for reading! Please feel free to comment below or talk to me on twitter about your opinions on the matter. What kinds of technologies do you use within your business?

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