Why Every Startup Should Have a Blog of Their Own

Content marketing is all about developing a piece and sharing it with the world via the internet. Similarly, blogging is all about telling a story and getting your work published for the world to see. While blogging and content marketing may seem quite similar, there are plenty of differences as well. The good news is that both can use the internet and content creation to find their place in the world.

Existing bloggers and marketers can easily take advantage of what the internet has to offer when it comes to content creation. With content marketing being one of the most effective and least expensive means of attracting customers, fans, and general attention, getting on board is not only smart, but it’s also quite lucrative.

Why Every Startup Needs a Blog

Blogs are a great way for anyone to create and share content online, without the need to hire a publisher or a PR person. You can get your brand out into the world for the cost of an employee, and can engage new customers in the click of a button.

To see a perfect example how startups can take advantage of blogging, we should take a look at Karen Salmansohn, who is a best-selling author with more than one million copies of her books sold. Not only does Karen have various mentions and bio pages across the internet covering her career, writing, and success, she also has a blog.

On her blog, you can find a portfolio of her published works, online self-help courses, fun images and visual navigation, inspirational quotes and much more. In short, this is a perfect example of what startups should be doing with their websites and blogs: utilizing the organizational and creative elements of blogging to their advantage to sell their products and services.

Outreach and Exposure

Bloggers and content marketers are both creating content and focusing on their outreach and search rankings. Whether the purpose is to have more people reading their writing or to attract customers is irrelevant. The results need to be the same: more eyes on their content.

This is something content marketers struggle with compared to bloggers. In the blogosphere, everyone is looking to share content, highlight experts and get featured on other sites. Content marketers need to reach out to other top blogs and media sites in their space to see if they would like to feature your content. The more it gets shared, the better you’ll do.

Reach New Audiences

One more area that bloggers have found a ton of success with, is through the use of social media. With over two billion active users across social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, it’s quite easy to reach new audiences that would love to find your content, your products, or your services.

Through the use of hashtags and trending events, startups can use social media to share content or engage with new audiences. A few examples of this could be tech conferences, publishing entrepreneur news or even movies/television shows that might relate to their particular niche. It’s also not just about writing content on social media, it’s also about learning and finding new opportunities as well.

When using social media for outreach and awareness, look at your competition and see what type of content creation and engagement they are going with.


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