Facebook Rooms: the New Face of Social Media Marketing

When it comes to advertising over Facebook, things have certainly changed over the last few months. While the focus shifts towards friends and family instead of company feeds and videos, marketers are actually looking for something yielding that would get their campaigns moving in a positive direction.


It isn’t surprising to know that many firms are still finding ways to bypass Facebook’s algorithms to popularize the brand name. However, they are hardly succeeding.

This takes us back to the concept of an app which was developed by Facebook in the recent past but could hardly make it past the initial phases. The Rooms applications was Facebook’s standalone approach to chatting but couldn’t make it big owing to the codes and app structure.

However, marketers and even users can start smiling as Roomsmight soon be back— with a revamped layout.

Unreleased up till now, this feature allows marketers to advertise organically over the shareable groups which would be public in nature. However, things aren’t as simple for the marketers as it won’t be any easier for them to advertise over Rooms. They should go about the same in a controlled manner without spamming the account, in the long run.

Facebook Rooms: An Overview

To be precise, this is more of a chat platform that allows users to talk about common interests and topics. While the messenger code shows simpler levels of encryption, it is only appropriate that Rooms turns up as a public forum. Here is where advertisements can come in, in the form of organic traffic.

This platform or rather a Room’ comes with an exclusive link which needs to be shared in order to gain access. This is where intrusion might crawl in as marketers will always be on the lookout for links and accesses.

Apart from that, Facebook has already cleared out the fact that this chatting platform extends even up to strangers.  This clearly shows Rooms isn’t your usual platform with basic features and offers a lot more than regular group messages.

However, Facebook hasn’t given an official nod and prefers keeping things under the wraps.

A Ray of Hope for Marketers

Most marketers prefer selling their products over Facebook as it is one of the biggest social platforms, till date. The emergence of Rooms will help them offer user-generated content on a public scale.

However, the prerequisite is to be authentic and refrain from campaign hashtags at least in the chat room. Hashtags are actually useful while posting photos and must not be included within chats.

Getting hold of public chat rooms is a new way to demonstrate creativity over the forums. While most marketers are opting for Facebook Live, Rooms can still be a great option if it comes to existence.

We all know what word-of-mouth referrals can help achieve. These can be best implemented within the chat rooms, via the loyalty programs. Things will get only get better if the marketer or owner has a dedicated friend list to go by.

Bottom Line

Facebook Rooms is expected to bring back the days of open chat rooms where one can opt for a pseudonym to interact. Rooms will help mitigate the monotony daily posts and expected to offer something more to the users. This sense of raw excitement is what can be best used by marketers but I would still suggest an organic approach towards the same.

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