Femanomics: 105 Women Venture Capitalists & Angel Investors You Should Know

I know what you’re thinking.  You are thinking there has been a lot of talk about women investors, or rather, the lack of women venture capitalists and angel investors. You can read about it, here, here, here, and here.  You can read the outrage about how there are only 5 women on Forbes’s Midas 100 List. You can even see tweets by men who are VCs  talk about the dearth of women who are VCs.

What you haven’t been reading are articles about the women who ARE in the investing community. Sure, there are articles about a few of them, and there was a wonderful Twitter campaign started by Cindy Gallop entitled “Female VC’s Everyone Should Know,” which listed over 50 female venture capitalists; however, thanks to Twitter’s API cap and Cindy’s prolific tweeting, there is nothing to link to for your reference.

I’ve always been of the opinion that shining a light on what you want will help you find it, and will also help others find it, so instead of shining a light on the lack of women, I looked for women that were venture capitalists or angel investors. Building off of Cindy Gallop’s tweets and adding in knowledge and collective brain power of my small but amazing network, I was able to put together a list of, not 5, not 50, but 105 women in the investing world that you should know. I can’t imagine that this is close to all of them; however, I thought a list over 100 was substantial enough to share with the world.

*Note: If there is no venture fund listed, the women are private investors.

  1. Renata Akhunova
  2. Geraldine Alias – North Bridge Venture Partners
  3. Cyan Banister
  4. Amy Banse – Comcast Ventures
  5. Rachel Botsmen – Collaborative Fund
  6. Corinne Bright – Onset Ventures
  7. Eileen Burbidge – White Bear Yard
  8. Christina Cacioppo – Union Square Ventures
  9. Marissa Campise – Venrock
  10. Carmen Chang – NEA
  11. CeCe Cheng – First Round Capital
  12. Julie Chin
  13. Meg Devine – North Bridge Venture Partners
  14. Monica  Dodi – Women’s VC Fund
  15. Tracy Doree – MMC Ventures
  16. Edith Dorsen – Women’s VC Fund
  17. Lara Druyan – G&B Partners
  18. Esther Dyson – EdVenture Holdings
  19. Amy Errett – Maveron
  20. Catarina Fake
  21. Deborah Farrington – StarVest Partners
  22. Shana Fisher – Highline Ventures
  23. Diane Fraiman – Voyager Capital
  24. Allison Goldberg – Time Warner Investments
  25. Theresia Gouw Ranzetta – Accel Partners
  26. Dayna Grayson – North Bridge Venture Partners
  27. Kirsten Green – Forerunner Ventures
  28. Jill Greenthal – The Blackstone Group
  29. Karen Griffith Gryga – MAG Fund
  30. Christine Herron – Intel Capital
  31. Mellody Hobson – Ariel Investments
  32. Sandra  Horbach – The Carlyle Group
  33. Shirley Hornstein
  34. Ann Hummer – Hummer Winblad
  35. Naheed Ismaili Misfeldt – Aberdare Ventures
  36. Jessica Jackley – Kiva and Collaborative Fund
  37. Jalak Jobanputra – RTP Ventures
  38. Whitney Johnson – Rose Park Advisors
  39. Lynn Jurich
  40. Karin Klein – Bloomberg Ventures
  41. Sharon Knight – Avik Ventures
  42. Vani Kola – NEA Venture
  43. Venetia Kontogouris
  44. Kay Koplovitz – Koplovitz & Co
  45. Jill  Krishnamurthy – Dolphin Capital
  46. Rachel Lam – Time Warner Investments
  47. Lisa Lambert – Intel Capital
  48. Ann  Lamont – Oak Investment Partners
  49. Christina LaMontagne – Physic Ventures
  50. Kathleen LaPorte – New Leaf Venture Partners
  51. Jenny Lee – GGV Capital
  52. Aileen Lee  – Kleiner Perkins
  53. Ellen Levy
  54. Ruby Lu – DCM
  55. Jennifer Lum – Apricot Capital
  56. Rebecca Lynn – Morgenthaler Ventures
  57. Helen MacKenzie – Women’s VC Fund
  58. Holly Maloney – North Bridge Venture Partners
  59. Joy  Marcus – DFJ Gotham Ventures
  60. Susan Mason – Aligned Partners
  61. Mary Meeker – Kleiner Perkins
  62. Nell Merlino – Make Mine A Million
  63. Kate Mitchell – Scale Venture Partners
  64. Ann Miura-Ko – Floodgate Fund
  65. Hollie Moore Haynes – Silver Lake Partners
  66. Patricia Nakache  – Trinity Ventures
  67. Anna Nikolayevsky– Axel Capital
  68. Natalia Oberti Noguera – Pipeline Fellowship
  69. Rebecca Norlander – Illuminate Ventures
  70. Adele Oliva – Quaker Partners
  71. Michel Orban – RRE Ventures
  72. Cindy Padnos – Illuminate Ventures
  73. Stephanie Palmeri – Soft Tech VC
  74. Ellen Pao – Kleiner Perkins
  75. Jill  Preotle
  76. Katie Rae – Techstars
  77. Theresia Gouw Ranzetta – Accel Partners
  78. Amanda  Reed – Palomar Ventures
  79. Julie Richardson – Providence Equity
  80. Laura Sachar – StarVest Partners
  81. Sarah Sclarsic – Canaan Partners
  82. Dana Settle – Greycroft Partners
  83. Rachel Sheinbein – CMEA Capital
  84. Ruthi Simha – Plenus
  85. Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
  86. Reshma Sohoni – Seedcamp
  87. Victoria  Song – Flybridge Capital Partners
  88. Marya Stark
  89. Lucinda Stewart – OVP Venture Partners
  90. Jeanne Sullivan – StarVest Partners
  91. Sarah Tavel – Bessemer Venture
  92. Maria C.  Thomas – MariaThomas.org
  93. Dafina Toncheva – Tugboat Ventures
  94. Sigrid Van Bladel – Aberdare Ventures
  95. Trae Vassallo – Kleiner Perkins
  96. Medha Vedaprakash – RHO Ventures
  97. Bess Weatherman – Warburg Pincus
  98. Ellen Weber – Robin Hood Ventures
  99. Margit Wennmachers – Andreessen Horowitz
  100. Ellie Wheeler – Greycroft Partners
  101. Sharon Wienbar – Scale Venture Partners
  102. Joanne Wilson
  103. Ann Winblad – Hummer Winblad
  104. Alison Wistner – Mercato Partners
  105. Marianne Wu – Mohr Davidow
  106. Gwill York – Lighthouse Capital

Do you know more women who are VCs or angel investors?  Let us know in the comments, and we’ll add them to our list.

Melissa Pierce is an award winning filmmaker, organizer of CWDevs, founder of Pitch Conference and hundreds of other less well known ideas. She believes that if you want to attract more women to careers in tech you have to shine a light on the awesome women who are already there. You can follow her on twitter at @melissapierce

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