The 5 Gadgets You Need for the Life Is Beautiful Festival

Over the next three days visionaries, artists, and musicians will join forces in Las Vegas for the Life is Beautiful Festival. In the past you've could enjoy the music of artists like The Killers, Stevie Wonder, and Twenty One Pilot, learn from Bill Nye and Tony Hsieh, and gain inspiration by the celebrity chefs and art exhibits. With so many options and only scratching the surface of day one of the festival, staying energized, connected, and hydrated isn’t always top of mind.

Luckily for you, technology has your back, and there are several gadgets to ensure your Snapchat and Instagram stories keep updating, water flowing, and memories captured forever.

Solar Battery Charger and Charging Gadgets

solar charger

Outdoor festivals usually have an abundance of one thing, sun. Besides getting a tan, use your environment to your advantage and keep your devices charged. Solar chargers range from $20$70 for the typical portable options, and can handle your smartphones and tablets. From waterproof to rugged, there is something for everyone. Combine this with our next must-have, and you’ll become a walking charging station.

CamelBak Hydration Pack


If you don’t want to pay for water at the festival, the next best option is to bring a reusable container with you. Packs cost on average $50, but there are plenty of unbranded versions and cheaper bottles like Nalgene. Some also double as storage or backpacks, which makes hauling your other gadgets around easier. Just make sure the pack or container is empty when arriving or you won’t be able to bring it in.

Pocket Blankets


Not one with the environment? Pocket blankets such as Matador’s are compact, water resistant, and also let you stake claim to your little piece of the festival. Although your typical blankets work just fine, traveling light is always the better option. Pocket blankets can range from about $20-$25 for the offerings best used at Life is Beautiful.

Rugged Flashlights

eton hand cranked flashlight

Everyone uses their phones for a flashlight, but they only work so well, especially if you lose it and need a light to find it. A hand-cranked, solar powered flashlight is a small life saver. Some also let you charge your devices, include a radio, and even have bottle openers. Flashlights can range anywhere from a few dollars up to hundreds.

Narrative 2 or SnapCam


For those tired of getting their camera out and trying to capture the best moments, Narrative has an always on camera that continuously takes photos at timed intervals. Their latest version also records HD video, features an 8MP camera, and 8GB of storage. SnapCam is similiar to the Narrative as far as specs go, but also records audio. The Narative 2 costs $200 and SnapCam costs $150.

Sorry, No Selfie Sticks or Drones

We’d all love to take drone selfies, but unfortunately they are not allowed at the festival. As far as selfie sticks go, the organizers are doing you a favor. In 2015 there have been more accidents related to selfies than shark attacks. There is always the Panono camera ball or inviting a friend with freakishly long arms though.

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