16 Gadgets You Might Actually Buy from CES

The International CES conference is wrapping up in Las Vegas today. Since the “C” stands for consumer, after all, we thought we’d take a look at the coolest gadgets that you might actually buy.


Parrot: A flying drone used for fun or for capturing video. It includes technology that automatically stabilizes video, and GPS to track your flight path. It launched in May 2012 and 200,000 units have sold since. The new version (2.0) includes HD video, better stability, and intuitive gestures to control it. Price: $299.99.

MakerBot Replicator 2: This desktop 3D printer makes real objects based on your digital designs. It can make objects up to 11.2” by 6” by 6.1”. Price: $2,199.

Zboard: Zboard is an electric skateboard that uses sensors to help you steer. Just lean forward to go and lean backward to break. It goes up to 17 mph. The project raised almost $300,000 on Kickstarter. Price: $649.

Sphero: A robotic ball that makes games more fun. It glows, rolls, and swims. You can download tons of Sphero games from the app store: play tag, entertain your pets, make drawings, or play drinking games. Price: $129.99.

BeeWi Scara Bee: The Scara Bee a little vehicle that you control with your iPhone or iPad. It can record up to one minute of video. Fun for playing with pets. Price: $149.99.


CardNinja: A thin wallet that sticks onto the back of your smartphone case to hold cash and credit cards. It’s designed to prevent anything from falling out. Check here to see if it fits your phone (it probably does). Price: $19.95.

G-Form Xtreme Case for iPhone: The iPod Touch version of the case was taken up in a balloon and dropped from 100,000 feet and, apparently, it survived unscathed. The case is made of three layers: a polycarbonate shell, a core made of their proprietary technology, and a TPE layer for shock absorption. Price: $39.99.

Cookoo Watch: A watch that connects to your phone by Bluetooth and can alert you by beeping, vibrating, or lighting up when you get calls, have appointments, or even get Facebook messages. Works with iOS devices and the Samsung Galaxy S III. Raised over $300,000 on Kickstarter. Price: $129.99.


MPOWERD Luci: A collapsable solar light that you can use for emergencies and power outages. It can charge under sunlight or incandescent light and lasts for at least 6-12 hours. The company will soon be doing a Buy-One-Give-One program, where each light you purchase funds a light for people in need. Price: $15.95.

SpareOne: A spare phone for your car powered by one AA battery that can last 15 years. The newest version (released later this year) has geolocation, includes a waterproof bag that you can make calls through, and lets you add a SIM card to make non-emergency calls. You don’t need a SIM card for emergency calls. Price: $99.99.

Trakdot Luggage: A small device that goes in your luggage and lets you know where your bags land – especially useful when it’s not the same airport you land in. It saves you the time of waiting at the baggage claim for a half hour and then realizing your bag isn’t coming. And it can help you find a bag that the airline has completely lost. Instead of GPS, it uses GSM technology that automatically goes to sleep in the air. Available in April. Price: $58.94 plus $12.99/year.


HAPIfork: A fork that tracks your eating habits, including how many servings you eat, how fast, and the length of the meal. It alerts you to slow down by lighting up. Not available yet to order. Price: $99.

Muse: A sleek white headband that senses your brainwaves and can be used to control games. With their brain training application, you can work on reducing stress, improving memory, and otherwise sharpening your gray matter. Price: $175.

Fitbug Orb: A button-sized device that tracks activity and sleep, including steps taken, calories burned, distance covered, walking pace, and sleep efficiency. You can also log food eaten and get suggestions for improvements. Available in white, pink, or black. Price: $49.99.

Instabeat: An attachment for your swimming goggles that tracks your heart rate, calories, turns, breathing pattern, laps, and speed. It displays a color on your lens to tell you to speed up or slow down (based on your heart rate). Shipping in third quarter 2013. Price: $149.

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