Not All Gaming Chairs Are Created Equal

The average desk chair is made for offices and study rooms. In most cases, gaming isn’t something that brands consider when designing chairs. That’s why it can be frustrating to look for a chair that has everything you need for gaming – and that’s why we’ve collected a list of the top gaming chairs of 2017 so that you don’t have to go with yet another barely-competent office chair.

These chair models may cost a little extra, but they are designed specifically for gamers, including the unique kinds of support and adjustment that gamers often need. From openings that allow cool air to run across your neck, to built-in speakers for even more immersion, these chairs finally have those video game-friendly features that you’ve been hoping for. So take a look at our top picks, and see what catches your eye!

Remember, while gaming chairs are usually adjustable, sizing can vary. If a model looks a little small or too big, then check out similar models by the same brand, which are usually made in alternative sizes.

DXRacer Sentinel Series – $479

DX Racer Chair

DXRacer has made a name for itself by providing products specifically geared toward professional gamers or hopeful professionals. Their products tend to be easily transportable, brightly highlighted, and filled with features that are intended to aid very long gaming sessions in conditions that may not always be comfortable.

The Sentinel chair fulfills this goal with its extra-high backrest, complete with air holes so your neck doesn’t get too sweaty, and the short-but-soft armrests that can be independently adjusted in several different ways. The materials over the “race car” seat design is a vinyl cover, so it may not stand up to moisture over the long term, but it’s super easy to clean and doesn’t easily overheat. The model also comes with welcome head and lumbar support pillows if you know you need a certain kind of support for those late-night marathons.

Vertagear S-Line – $339.99

Vertgear Gaming Chair

If you’re looking for some extra support and durability – and don’t intend to move the chair very often once it’s set up – you may prefer this powerful Vertagear model. Like the DSRacer chair, the S-Line also designed for professional gamers and has a sturdy steel frame along with strong foam filler for long-lasting padding. In addition to the high backrest, the model comes with adjustable tilting resistance, and multiple locks for different positions.

This chair focuses on durability, and it’s a little hard if you’re used to a softer chair, but this also helps the S-Line last even under tough conditions. However, this also means that fit is very important – if you are especially wide or tall, the S-Line may be a little too narrow for you, and other Vertagear models may be a better fit. But for the average gamer, this chair should be a winner. Plus, the wide variety in coloring options is pretty cool as well.

X-Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 – $199

X Rocker Gaming Chair

Not everyone’s idea of a gaming chair is the same, and your idea of a great chair may be less hours in front of the computer and  more awesome seat for my living room. If you are in the latter category, then this X-Rocker is truly a great find. It comes with two built-in speakers and a built-in subwoofer for a lot of immersion thanks to wireless sound transmission, a good alternative if you don’t have surround sound.

In addition, the design is made from the bottom up for casual lounging, including a pedestal base that allows you to tilt and swivel as much as you want – or not at all, depending on your preference. The only catch is that you need to make sure you have enough room for it in your gaming area, and it’s too short to switch over to more traditional desktop gaming.

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