Get Creative by Spreading the SEO Love Among Networks

October 26, 2014

2:00 pm

SEO is becoming tougher by the day. This means you have to be more creative if you want to achieve great results. Here are some tips to help you.

Give attention to some of the lesser-known networks

Just about everyone is focused on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn for their promotions. It is easy to see why when you look at their popularity, numbers etc. However, sharing your content on the smaller networks gives you a competitive advantage. These sites may not have the numbers that the big guns boast but they have focused audiences and offer you less competition for attention. This ensures your content will stand out. Some of the smaller networks you could focus on are Quora, Tumblr and Empire Avenue.

Grab the attention of your targets with a variety of media

Sharing links to your post is good but it is not enough to guarantee that your post will be read. Most people will ignore the link and treat it like every one of the other dozens of links they see on the web each day, unless you are able to give them enough reason to click. Therefore, you need to be creative and promote your posts with images, audio and videos. Here are some good ideas to consider.



Get on Dubbler to create and share 60-second audio intros to your blog posts with community members. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices and comes with voice filters and image support. You can also share the final output on Twitter and Facebook if you wish.



If 60 seconds is too much, how about 6-seconds? You can create 6-seconds looping teasers of your post or any content you are looking to promote and share with users on Vine, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Vine is a big hit for SEO as the viewer only gets to spend 6 seconds seeing the video and if it is compelling enough, you can be sure of a click through, as 6 seconds doesn’t tell much.



The next option you should consider is creating a Slideshare overview of your post. There are 51.6 million visits to the site a month so the potential is not in doubt. Create the overview and upload to Slideshare, then share it with your followers on other social platforms.



A terrific way to trigger interest and draw attention to your posts is to post a well-crafted picture on Instagram. If you have a good following, the post may go viral, therefore helping you to achieve your SEO goals. Don’t forget to use the right hashtags. This will make it easier for people to find you via the “discover” channel.

These are some of the creative ways you can go about your SEO promotion. They are in many ways a departure from the norm, but are guaranteed to bring results if you have a following and do things properly. So whether you’re looking at leading SEO companies like Majestic, or you’re looking at doing it yourself, search for talking majestic SEO online for advice and expertise in Search Engine Optimisation.


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