What Happens in an Internet Second [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Internet as a whole is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Just looking at the past few years, we’ve seen massive expansion in social media, blogging, billion-dollar companies, and – of course – technology across the board.

The scary thing is that this technology and growth has only scratched the surface. Believe it or not, but someone is accessing the Internet for the first time in their lives, every single second. It’s not just people accessing the Internet, it’s also every facet of the Internet as well – such as the amount of emails being sent out, videos being created and uploaded to YouTube, web sites created, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Before we break down some of the crazy numbers and internet growth in one-second intervals, let’s first take a look at some internet usage numbers from Internet Live Stats:


Using this same type of data, we can also take a look at the “In Every Second on the Internet, There Are” infographic that breaks down the Internet one second at a time. While seeing key stats like 3,501,808,218 Google searches per day might be crazy – just think about how many that breaks down to per second!

No matter what you are studying on the internet, the sheer numbers of growth and scalability is just amazing. Social media has become one of the fastest and most interesting areas to watch.

Here are just some of the key stats on what happens on the internet during any given second.

  • 10,407 Tweets are being sent out through Twitter
  • 2,881 photos are being uploaded to Instagram
  • 2,319 new posts are being published to Tumblr
  • 1,912 Skype calls are being made
  • 30,650 GB of internet traffic is taking place
  • 51,232 Google searches are being made
  • 110,265 YouTube videos are being watched
  • 2,437,859 emails are being sent through the world

In addition to looking at Internet and user growth per second, it’s also important to look at how many users are online, what they are doing and how their content creation contributes to the internet today.

  • While you and your friends may have been on the Internet for years now, new people are accessing the internet for the first time every day. When broken down into second, we are seeing at least one new person getting online every second of every day. With more than 3.2 billion users already online, imagine how the Internet will be when this number passes the 4 billion mark.
  • Have you ever wondered how many sites are actually on the Internet? If you look at all of the sites in the world, even the spam and junk ones, we are looking at over a billion sites. However, this number was actually audited last year and fell below the one billion mark – to clean out and remove all garbage sites. That number is quickly approaching 1 billion once again.
  • How many times are you using Google on a daily basis? The whole world is collectively generating over 3.5 billion searches every single day. This equates to over a trillion searches per year.

As crazy as these numbers might seem today, imagine how they will look in a few months now when millions of new people are getting on the Internet for the first time.

To see a visual summary of everything mentioned above, be sure to check out the infographic below.


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