Bolt Motorbikes: Not Just Another Electric Bicycle

San Francisco, CA-based startup Bolt Motorbikes, which specializes in manufacturing electric motorbikes, recently came out with their latest range of bikes running on a lithium ion battery. With an array of latest features like cloud support, mobile charging system, smartphone compatible app for operating the bike and cloud support, this is by far the most advanced motorbike with electric charging and digital capability. Moreover, each of its bikes is handmade and designed to offer operating ease and comfort for bikers. The bike is priced at $5000 and instantly took the attention of smart bikers and began to take orders.

Bolt Motorbikes came with some unique features that have helped them stand apart from other electric and non-electric vehicles with capability of digital interaction. As far as source of energy is considered, Bolt Motorbikes just did the same revolutionary thing what years ago Tesla Motors did for electric cars.

The company has introduced two different motorbikes. The Economy Mode of Bolt M-1 offers a speed of 20 mile per hour speed, while the Sport Mode of the same range is capable to run at a speed of 40 mile per hour. Economy mode can run 50 miles with just a single charge while the sport mode can run for 35 miles with the same charge.

Though it has full power and capability like a motorbike, Bolt Motorbikes are technically categorized as bicycles as they offer pedals and can just be locked in a bike rack. It offers the ease of riding a bicycle when your bike runs out of electric charge. More like a fusion between motorbike and bicycle, this lightweight two-wheeler is ideal for enjoying easy ride with least maintenance need and digital capability.

Key Features and Useful Aspects of Bolt Motorbikes

  • This is a 100 percent electric bike chargeable with lithium ion battery; no need to worry over fueling the bike.
  • You can ride this two-wheeler both as a bicycle and a bike.
  • You can protect and lock the bike with a password right through an app in your smartphone.
  • You can charge your smartphone through an USB port while on the go.
  • The battery pack can also be split into two and can be taken the home for charging overnight.
  • The bike batteries are also capable to take charge while you pedal on.

The startup has targeted motorcycle riders with this product and created a niche incorporating both aspects of a cafe racer and moped. Technically, their motorbike is considered an electric bike and can easily be ridden in the bicycle lane though you need a motorcycle license to ride it. In that, sense it is a environment friendly commute with all the ease and comfort of a motorbike.

Bolt M-1

Bolt M-1 is really a fun commute to ride whether you drive it on road or on bicycle lane. You just need toget on, give the throttle a twist and you are on the go. The control and steady riding experience is something that would make any biker love it. The pre-production version of the commute version named Raven proved itself to be enough sturdy to jump over speed bumps quite easily. The bike – with its sleek, sporty look and smooth ride – is expected to earn favor from young bikers.

For many, the Bolt M-1 is their first introduction to electric bikes. While going downhill, you feel the wind in your sideburns but not a least noise of the engine. But how is the experience when you go uphill? Even when going uphill you experience the same silence of the engine. Truly speaking, you have the same experience on any road while riding a Bolt. You just do not have any clutches to slip or gears to shift while experiencing a quiet noiseless journey. This smooth, silent and simple biking experience is another reason to ride a Bolt.

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