Turn Yourself Into a Hologram with HOLLAGRAM

About a year ago we introduced you to VNTANA, an Los Angeles, CA-based startup that wanted to leverage hologram technology to help celebrities and brands use holograms to entertain and engage their followers and fans. They have introduced their technology to venues all over the world and have helped performers add that element of surprise to their shows.

VNTANA was founded in 2012 and has since become a leader in social augmented reality. Their work to create interactive experiences through holographic technology has most recently lead to a partnership with Microsoft to create The HOLLAGRAM

Just when you thought selfies weren’t obnoxious enough (and I mean that in the nicest way possible), The HOLLAGRAM takes selfies to the next level. It is hologram system that combines Microsoft technology with VNTANA’s hardware and software platform, to create an advanced social augmented reality experience.

“We built the HOLLAGRAM in response to consumers’ proven social behavior and expectations. User-generated content has become so powerful.  It is more likely to be reposted, shared and people trust it more,” said Ashley Crowder, CEO and Co-Founder of VNTANA. “Technology is moving towards extreme personalization that will help consumers and brands improve future experiences.”

Users can create their own holograms simply by standing in front of the HOLLAGRAM. It creates a live display, that through the use of gestures, they can interact directly with holographic objects such as celebrities, products or any other object rendered in the digital space. Immediately after the experience, users receive a branded email with a GIF, video or photo of the experience that they can share on social media.

The HOLLAGRAM systems are scalable and range in size from 32 inches up to 15 feet and use standalone hardware. Aside from the social media integration, the systems also collect data. They Collect voluntary and passive data from users, such as email contacts, number of impressions, etc.

This partnership is part of Microsoft’s quest to empower startups.

“We are always looking for startups and entrepreneurs whose vision is built around innovation of our technology,” said Larry Orecklin, Vice President, Developer Experience and Chief Evangelist of Microsoft. “VNTANA is a story of a startup that had the vision, the innovation, the passion, and we are thrilled to have partnered with them and excited to see what the future looks like for holograms.”

Keep your eyes peeled for The HOLLAGRAM at an epic party near you.

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