How Technology Has Caused Us to Procrastinate More Than Ever

The technology industry is focused on making our lives better through convenience and automation. Why else would there be an endlessly line of created products with the goal of increasing efficiency and user ease? Other products are ridiculously expensive when they're launched but their prices hugely dip when a better version gets released yet people still clamor to buy such products even if they know the price difference later on. Technology has indeed become one of us.

Due to technological advancement, we all end up procrastinating more than ever because tasks and activities that we used to do manually are now being automated or at least done in a shorter amount of time with less effort. Even though part of the goal of technology advancement is to give us more time in order to allow us to do more during the day, some of us are getting the wrong notion of it. They end up wasting time instead of taking advantage of it. Technology’s over-stimulation has led us to underutilize our cognitive abilities.

Technological advancement is a gift to humanity but if we tend to use it the wrong way then it may take a toll on our lives in a negative way as well. This is why we should be weary about these interactions. We shouldn't let technology dominate our lives but rather see them as tools that can make our lives more convenient. If we have activities and tasks that require immediate attention, then we should recognize that and not be distracted by any form of technological interventions. Focus on the task at hand by turning off notifications, put the mobile phone on silent mode or shut off gadgets if necessary.

Another helpful method that allows us to maintain focus is through meditation. Meditation has slowly become a lost art and is no longer widely practiced by people. Whenever you meditate, you are able to focus on your mantra and you gain better consciousness and understanding of your environment. You are able to relax your mind and body and everything happening in your surroundings will be at your own pace. You can stay calm despite the constant distractions by technological gadgets. Aside from helping you regain focus, it can also boost your memory and improve other aspects of your health.

Scientists say that procrastination is part of our human buildup and it's sometimes inevitable for us to do so if we aren’t conscious about it. It's a human reaction to desire stimulation the to escape from work or tasks by doing something entertaining instead.

It's safe to conclude that procrastination and the ability to maintain focus are all tied up. Technology shouldn't be blamed for all the distractions that they can possibly bring to us. Because in the end, it's still up to us to do what is right and not to be distracted by everything that technology has to offer. It still boils down to maintaining the perfect balance between technology and productivity. Once we are able to achieve that then all these technological advancements should be a welcome development to us.

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