Humane’s AI Pin is Official and Lets You Wear ChatGPT for $699

The Humane AI Pin has officially launched to let you rock ChatGPT on your garbs. All you need is a cool $699 to spare.

Humane, the mysterious startup founded by ex-Apple employees, has finally launched its first product – a wearable called the AI Pin that lets you clip ChatGPT to your clothes for a cool $699.

Prior to launch, it was understood that ChatGPT would feature on the device, but we now know that access to the OpenAI chatbot is one of the core features of the wearable and its OS, called Cosmos.

The standalone device is screen-less, smaller in size than a typical smartphone, and is designed for AI from the ground up. Humane say the AI Pin embodies its “vision for the emerging convergence between humans and AI.”

The startup was co-founded by former Apple employees Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno. It enjoys the backing of ChatGPT owner OpenAI and Microsoft.

Other key features include AI-powered optical recognition and a laser-projected display, which is intended to allow the AI Pin to throw smartphone interface and functionality on to any surface. Along these lines, the AI Pin uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, like those found in many of the world’s most popular handsets. Even after yesterday’s official reveal, it hasn’t disclosed which chip, though.

Here’s everything else we know so far about the Humane AI Pin.

Humane AI Pin Release

Humane’s hotly anticipated wearable device was first teased at TED in April this year and now, a few months later, we finally have a release date. After this week’s launch event, we know that the first AI Pin units will be available to order November 16 in the US.

It’s not clear if you have to have already expressed interest in the AI Pin by signing up to the pre-launch waitlist, or if anyone will be able to buy it at that time. We’re equally unsure about the initial scale of production, but expect a certain amount of scarcity in the early days of the AI Pin.

Going back, Chaudhri first demoed it during that TED Talk by taking a phone call from his wife, showing how it projected the call incoming alert onto his palm in a green laser text, and how he then answered it with simple voice controls and hand gestures.

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It was also promoted at Paris Fashion Week earlier in 2023. In addition to those features the AI Pin will also come with a camera equipped with depth and motion sensors to record its surroundings.

You can head over to the Humane AI Pin website to learn more.

Humane AI Pin Price: $699 Plus Monthly Charge is Official

According to leaked documents obtained by The Verge, the Humane AI Pin is set to retail at $699. This price was confirmed at the official launch.

For this, it’s thought you’ll get the device, a charger, plus two battery packs Humane call “battery boosters” which also magnetically clip on to clothing and other surfaces.

An additional monthly subscription fee of $24 is required for access to cellular data in order to take and receive calls, texts and emails. This extra cost will also be necessary to get cloud storage for any images or video you shoot with the device, as well as use its integrated AI-assistant.

This will be powered by Microsoft and OpenAI, so while any product specific branding is still unknown, it will be a version of ChatGPT.

Other handy features that can help you through your day include a daily summary of your emails, the ability to identify the nutritional value of foods, translate different languages and choose music you like.

The Verge also reported that the device will have an inbuilt “personic speaker,” bluetooth connectivity for headphones, a “trust light” which blinks whenever the device is recording audio or video and a touchpad for manual input.

What is Humane?

Humane seems to be gathering momentum ahead of its first major product launch. It secured $100 million in series C funding back in March and now reportedly boasts 200 or more employees.

The buzz around this fledgling tech company likely comes as a result of its high proportion of ex-Apple employees. It’s thought as much as 50% of the Humane workforce is former Apple talent, while the co-founders worked on some of the iconic company’s best loved products, from older Mac computers and the iPod right through the Apple Watch and iPhone.

The company has previously spoken about its to “reshape the role of technology in our lives.” We’ll find out very shortly just what it has in store.

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