How To Incorporate Influencers In Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing trends are like the tectonic plates – they’re constantly moving and capable of producing great results in the right contexts. The traditional ways of reaching out to audiences, like online advertising, are now becoming less and less relevant as the growth of ad-blocking services is nearly unstoppable. It’s clear that current digital marketing tactics may not be enough.

Instead of sticking with what doesn’t work, online marketers are now shifting towards new techniques. The future of digital marketing trends aren’t waiting to be created, it’s already here – you just have to look where your audience already is to find success.

Influencer Marketing

One of the most popular strategies, influencer marketing, may be just what your business needs. This strategy incorporates the hiring the services of influential content creators and distributors found on top social media websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Almost 60 percent of marketers are planning to focus on this kind of tactic, according to a this survey.

Influencer marketing, like word-of-mouth advertising, increase brand trust with consumers, driving them to be more likely to buy that brand’s products. As reported by Forbes, this kind of marketing generates more than twice the sales of traditional paid advertising, along with a 37 percent higher retention rate with customers attracted by influencer marketing.

Transforming Your Social Media Strategy

Peaking their interest is nice, but driving customers to a website is not enough to make sales. Consumers need to see content that is interesting, relevant, and contextually important. A lacking social media strategy might be successful in redirecting traffic but retention is a much more important statistic to consider here.

With billions of users turning to social media to for news, discussions, and sharing the hottest trends, online marketers must shift to a more interactive model. Delivering engaging content plays a key role in this – even before being able to incorporate influential marketing. Brands must be aware of the diverse makeup of their consumers, as well as current trends to deliver timely and relevant content that their customers will actually want to engage with.

An interactive model allows for the development of a more personal relationship between brands and potential buyers.

Meetng Your Audience Where They Already Are

It’s crucial to note that brands should attempt to deliver content in places where their customers already exist.

During his speech at the Online Influence (Oi) conference in Wales, Simon Low, Director of Brand Partnerships at BuzzFeed Europe said, “Why spend money on places people don’t visit? Bring content where they already are”.

Buzzfeed Director of Partnerships in Europe on Online Influence

More case studies are emerging, showcasing how this kind of targeted content through influential marketers is the highly successful version of the future. Using this strategy in addition to others, brands stays relevant and consumers receive information from key influencers. There’s no better way of gaining and retaining customers than establishing trust in the brand – in language and format the consumers are already familiar with.

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