Jonha Richman is a startup marketing advisor with over 9 years of experience developing digital media strategies for FMCG and tech companies. Her works have been featured on The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Lifehack and Fast Company, among others.


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How To Incorporate Influencers In Your Digital Marketing

How to Work with Online Influencers

Digital marketing trends are like the tectonic plates – they’re constantly moving and capable of producing great results in the right contexts. The traditional ways of reaching out to audiences, like online advertising, are now becoming less and less relevant as the …

Schools Failing Students by not Teaching Failure

schools failing students

A lot of parents believe that education is probably the best gift they can give to a child. Let’s call that kid, Sam.   Image Credit: Steffi Reichert Sam goes through various hoops of the school system; regularly taking all the tests required by the…

Want to be Productive? Take Scheduled Microbreaks

Why Taking Breaks Helps You Become Productive

One of the known secrets of highly productive people is taking breaks. They know that taking breaks is part of maintaining sustainable energy throughout the day. Research shows strong correlation between the health of the workforce and their corresponding productivity. Power …

The Truth About Why There’s Not Enough Women in Tech

Tech Cocktail Sessions Empowering Women in Tech

Headlines often contain names of the top tech entrepreneurs and innovators and chances are, 9 out of 10 of the list often include men, which begs the question: how come there aren’t many women on the list? A recent study noted that men outnumber…

Here’s Why Tech Startups Are Flocking to Austin


When most people think of the tech industry, they instantly visualize Silicon Valley. Although this area has been responsible for some of the most innovative technological changes of modern times, there is a new city that is well-poised to become Silicon Valley part two:…