Innobright Shows Us How to Disrupt the CGI World

With a need for high-resolution images on the rise and the rendering processes becoming more expensive, Innobright is poised to disrupt the way rendering is done.

Many of us remember the beautiful blue hair on the Monsters, Inc. character, Sully. In his “close ups” the hair was seen moving in realistic ways, almost as if it were real. It was the rendering process that made that possible. Rendering is the process of taking graphic design or CGI models and applying shade, color, animation, as well as making the image look great.

Rendering Takes Time and Money

Normally, rendering becomes a bottleneck in CGI work and eats up to 30 percent of a project’s budget due to the expense and time commitment required. What Innobright has done, with the use of a tech transfer product out of the University of New Mexico, is develop a system that renders fantastic quality in a fraction of the time.

Innobright's Altus at work

How It Works

Their product line, Altus, works by actually rendering a quick, noisy/fuzzy, ugly image first; then it focuses on removing the noise, leaving a clear, great looking image.

“It creates quality our customers want in a fraction of the time and at an affordable price,” said Raghu Kopalle, CEO of Innobright.”

Their Pivot

Just like any smart startup, they’ve tested their product, Altus Command Line Interface (CLI), and through customer feedback came up with a major pivot. Their first focus was selling their product as a subscription to individuals. After feedback, they found that their best focus is to integrate their product, Altus Application Programming Interface (API), with partners who have animation software and incorporate the product into a seamless approach.

It was through Innobright’s recent win of $100k from the Rise of the Rest stop in Albuquerque that allowed them to make the pivot. Now, with a list of contests that they’ve made it into and a goal for an even better and faster solution, Innobright is focused on continued growth, its next round of funding, and an idea to continually disrupt the world of CGI.

Photo: Flickr / Thanh Nguyen

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