The Best Innovations for the Trendy Business Traveler

The hustle and bustle of traveling for business can get pretty hectic, but there are a few cool products that are coming out in 2016 which will take the fuss out of life on the road and make the time away from home a little more enjoyable.

HeyDo Cup


The HeyDo Cup may just be the most advanced travel cup on the planet. It doesn’t just hold your favorite cup of joe – it can also be used to track your daily water intake, remind you to stay hydrated throughout a day, measure the strength and brew quality of your coffee, plus, it comes equipped with a PPM meter that will alert you in case of bad chemicals in the water. Nobody wants to get sick from drinking bad aqua, especially when they are away from home! For social butterflies, it also allows to send emoticons to others. The cup has a Bluetooth enabled tracking system, so you are not in danger of leaving it behind. The battery lasts for seven days, and the package includes a wireless dock for fast and easy charging. HeyDo was successfully funded on Indiegogo in December of 2015 and is expected to be available this spring at $88.

Orfeo Headphones


Those who spend most of their time in public places know the frustration of talking on the phone in a noisy environment. Microphone in regular Bluetooth earbuds is located outside of the speaker’s mouth and accumulates surrounding noise. New Orfeo headphones have a mic placed inside of the earphones to catch the voice while blocking outside sounds. Another microphone is located outside of the ear and can be turned on to let the surrounding sounds come in when it is necessary (for example, when you are waiting for the boarding announcement). Orfeo headphones also feature Hi-Fi stereo sound for a perfect listening experience and allow to simulate various audio devices, whether you are enjoying music, or playing games.

NUA Robotics Smart Luggage

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know the feeling of sore, achy shoulders and raw palms from dragging your luggage everywhere. Luckily, you won’t have to go through that anymore with the new NUA Robotics Smart Luggage. Although few details have been released so far, the suitcase employs Bluetooth technology, computer vision, robotics and sensors in order to follow the owner around and avoid obstacles. Forget about carrying heavy bags through airports, parking lots and hotels! The luggage has an anti-theft alarm, and you always can see its location and weight on your phone. Plus, you can charge your mobile devices from it. Unfortunately, no delivery date has been announced yet. NUA Robotics was featured at Tech.Co’s CES Startup Night event.

Latitude Charger


Speaking of charging your devices on the go, there are hundreds or power banks, charging cases and docks available on the market. Most of them look ugly, heavy and not very travel friendly. The Latitude is a dual-mode charger that makes your iPhone compatible with both Qi and PMA major wireless charging standards. Latitude also allows for universal charging from any phone retailer via its Lightning cable connector. The case fits your iPhone like a glove and feels great in your hand. This is the fourth charging device from Bezalel. It will be available for $49.90 starting in February of 2016.

With these technological innovations, the next time you travel, you can expect to have a less stressful experience. The convenience and peace of mind these devices provide will keep you going as you bounce between airports, hotels and business meetings. Stop wearing yourself out – feel comfortable and confident, and it will result in a better outcome for your business and personal life.

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Elena Mikhaylova, CEO of Crowdfund Productions, is a serial entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience in diverse industries. She is an internationally published author of hundreds of articles, several research papers and two books. Elena has been a speaker at numerous international conferences. Being an active ambassador of social innovations, Elena was recognized as the Top 1% on LinkedIn and an organizer of one of the largest crowdfunding meetup groups in the US.
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