Who is Tech.Co’s CES Startup of the Year? [POLL]

January is coming up, which means that we’re a step closer to learning more about the upcoming trends in consumer electronics and what we should expect to see in 2016. Will actual hoverboards be making an appearance this year (instead of the flaming boards of death we’re riding)? Will smart chairs become a “thing”? And, will our dreams for living in a Futurama-influenced reality finally come to being? Maybe you’ll discover one of these great technologies among the many startups that will be showcasing as part of our Tech.Co event at CES.

As part of CES 2016, Tech.Co is proud to partner with the Consumer Technology Association for the Startup Night Downtown Vegas on January 5th. The free event starts at 6 PM at the Gold Spike in Las Vegas, NV, and lasts until 9 PM. At the event, the following 20 startups will be showcasing their companies and products to attendees. We’re so excited about CES that we’re asking you, our readers, to determine which of these startups deserve the title of Tech.Co CES Startup of the Year. Read about each of them below and place your votes! And don’t forget to grab your free tickets to Startup Night at CES.

Take a minute to review the startup descriptions below and vote for your favorite startup. Simply click on your favorite startup and your vote will be tallied. 


Aipoly makes your mobile device understand the physical world and cleverly assist you in navigation. Our app, designed for the blind, uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to describe a phone’s camera view out loud with real-time narration, like a personal visual guide.

Akoustic Arts

The “A” is a directional speaker that creates a highly targeted beam of sound in a limited zone. When standing within this beam of sound, one can listen to the audio content; when out of it, nothing can be heard. The “A” presents the best performances on the directional sound market, which clearly confers Akoustic Arts a competitive edge.


AMPY MOVE is the world’s smallest wearable motion charger. You move all day, running, walking, cycling; why not get back some of that power? AMPY MOVE collects your energy throughout the day and converts it into power for your smartphone and other USB powered devices. The more you move, the more power you get. One hour of exercise gets you up to 5 hours of standby power and 1 hour of normal use.

Aroma Therapeutics

Aroma Therapeutics is poised to take aromatherapy to new heights through the introduction of the AromaCare diffuser. Theydevelopped 6 essential oil blends designed to treat 6 different personal conditions (sleep, calm, tonic, memory, breath and allergy). The AromaCare allows the user to wirelessly control each aromatherapy session, from their mobile devices, making it the world’s first Wi-Fi connected essential oils capsule diffuser.


Bedphones are thin, on-ear headphones designed for sleep. Eric Dubs, the Bedphones founder, is a passionate, location-independent entrepreneur interested in simple products that make life better.

Bolt Motorbikes

Bolt Motorbikes has created the highest performing and most motorcycle-like experience of any electric bicycle in production today. Capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 MPH (without having to pedal once) and a range of 25 to 35 miles on a single charge our bike has been called “thrilling”- Top Speed, “the Tesla on Two Wheels” – TechCrunch and The Best Stuff of the Year – GQ Magazine. Our patented drivetrain and patent pending battery technology has allowed us to build something fun, thrilling and easy to ride. We can’t wait to get you on one to enjoy it yourself!


Canhe-Fit is a smart pendant connected to a mobile app designed to evaluate the daily energy expenditure of a household pet in order to adapt its food intake and activity profile, to enable delivery of proper nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.


In a nutshell, D-Vine allows you to enjoy a glass of wine “a la carte” at home, with perfect temperature and aeration! Thanks to their patented technology and 3 years of R&D, the D-Vine team brings the perfect “by the glass” at home! Users pour the 10cl bottle (equivalent to a glass of wine) inside the device, and in less than a minute, the technology sets and fixes the right temperature for the chosen/poured wine.


ECHY is a French start-up company with a patented technology which diffuses natural light inside of buildings using fiber optic cables. Our system captures sun rays on the outside of buildings and, using fiber optics, transports and diffuses natural light inside.


ENLAPS offers a plug and play solution that makes it possible to share real time transformation/evolution of events that mean something important to their viewers. Designed for both the professional and the novice user, ENLAPS offers a new way of sharing “time lapse” photos and videos at a professional level within a very affordable budget.


Fenotek announces “Hi)”, the first and only connected butler that can greet the guests, watch the house and notify owners whereabouts. Hi) integrates a high definition video doorbell (sound and image), a surveillance camera, a motion sensor and even a control system for electric lock. Parcel reception, notification of children back from school, greeting guests when the hosts are late? Hi) is here to serve you!


Revolutionary solar cooker Heats in 10 minutes up to 550 degrees with only the sun Cooks, baked, steams, grills anything.


Levels 3D a software company that has created an application called MyCaptR, a real time 3D scan application on iPad for building and construction professionals, particularly engineering offices, architects and craft industries. MyCaptR provides user with the capability to scan your room in less than 3 minutes and view the point cloud in real time. The file can then be exported to design software programs to generate in few clicks your 3D model and the 2D plans with relevant measurements.


Monument Labs, Inc. designs and manufactures smart connected devices. Its first product, Monument, is aimed to make photo and video management as easy as taking one. Monument is a personal cloud device that effortlessly stores and organizes photos and videos from smartphones and cameras. As it stores all this content, its powerful hardware groups them according to time, location, and faces without requiring any additional user action.

My Open Road

Help save the planet by taking alternative transportation with My Open Road FREE mobile app. Reduce your carbon footprint and get rewarded.


OKTO is the First Smart Ring that allows you to talk. OKTO developed the patent-pending technology that implemented into smart ring Voice Function and made it possible for the customers to make/receive calls while their phone is in their bag or pocket. OKTO is comfortable in using all day long: just cup your hand over the ear and start talking. Unlike smartwatch and smartring OKTO not only notifies you but also makes possible privy conversation. Compatible with any phone OKTO doesn’t replace the phone but gives brand new perspective on the communication itself. OKTO’s mission is to bring back the importance of the live conversation and live experience.

NUA Robotics

We are a technology company that creates the first robotic luggage. The luggage is fully autonomous, and have the ability to follow and communicate with its owner, while avoiding obstacles. The robot is operating using our spacial sauce – a patented self-developed platform that can be implemented in every object to give it robotic abilities.


NuEyes will provide a portable device that will allow those struggling with vision loss to maintain and/or regain significant independence and improve their quality of life.


SensorWake is the first patented olfactory alarm-clock that allows you to wake up with your favorite morning smells. SensorWake gently wakes you up in less than two minutes—with the power of smell.


A smart cooking pan that automatically tracks calories and nutrition of food being cooked in real time and exports this information to fitness apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. It makes cooking fun and a highly-interactive process, while allowing you to share your recipe creations with your friends right as you cook.

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