Jane Makes New Hires More Affordable Than Ever

You’ve heard it a thousand times: hiring a new employee costs far more money than keeping a current employee. Unfortunately, current employees are often the ones you want to fire in place of someone new. Some employees use this knowledge to push the envelope and stay in jobs that they are neither right nor qualified for. If only there was a way to bring on new hires without breaking the bank. Well, watch out lazy employees, because recruiters have found a new, cheap way to get new people on the payroll faster than ever.

Jane is the online hiring assistant that will change the way your company brings on new hires. Based in Philadelphia, they help you attract the right candidates with engaging job descriptions and comprehensive recruiting plans. They rank and score potential hires in a simple way that makes it easy to choose. They organize and prepare interviews for you to take the burden off your shoulders. They even let those that aren’t a good fit for your company know that you are moving on with other candidates. That’s the worst part! And it’s only $200 a month.

“It’s rewarding to hear relief in the voices of business owners and HR managers when they find out Jane can handle all their hiring needs for as little as $200 per month,” says Everett Reiss, COO and Co-founder of Jane. “It has been equally rewarding to see our disruptive hiring-as-a-service model produce amazing hires for our clients in a reproducible and scalable way. Growing businesses now have a better alternative to hiring on their own or resorting to traditional 3rd party recruiting services.”

The need for this service is more than obvious to founders and managers in the startup world. The average cost per hire for all US companies was $3,479 in 2015, while companies with over 10,000 employees averaged under $2,000/hire. That means that small startups are getting the shaft when it comes to bringing on new hires. But with Jane, those costs become comparatively minimal. In addition to saving money, startups will be enjoying better candidates in their search with Jane.

“Jane’s hiring practices and platform leads to better hiring decisions through the use of valid and reliable assessments, and structured competency-based interviewing,” said Reiss in an interview with Tech.Co. “Additionally, the professionals we’re serving are freed up to focus their time on making better hiring decisions, instead of getting bogged down in all the administrative tasks for hiring.”

While startups will relish the change to affordably hire new employees, this should also light a fire under the bellies of workers not pulling their weight. The threat of new hires should keep everyone on their toes when it comes to review season. After all, a little fresh blood can motivate a startup to go from bootstrapping to unicorning.

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