Jellyvision’s Amanda Lannert on Sharks, Massage Chairs, and Networking

November 5, 2016

12:45 pm

As the CEO of Jellyvision, the producer of ALEX, an interactive decision-support tool that talks you through traditionally boring and confusing human resource decisions like picking health insurance and makes them fun and engaging, Amanda Lannert has it all figured out. The Jellyvision of today has one of the more interesting founding stories, which Amanda describes in the beginning of this episode. It was born from the ashes of You Don't Know Jack.

Amanda Lannert was named CEO of the Year at the Moxie Awards in 2014 and 2015. Under Amanda’s leadership, Jellyvision has doubled its revenue three out of the last four years. During this lively interview, Amanda discusses product evolution, the importance of diversity, building a strong culture with remote employees, customer retention, keeping a sense of humor, finding mentors, and most importantly their amazing massage chair.

Sit back and enjoy this podcast while you learn some tips to help grow your business:


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