Keep Your Business Data Secure With a Centralized Business Phone System

Having a reliable data phone system can be a great way to keep costs down, while getting great features for your business. If your workplace allows people to telecommute or use their business devices at home, the protection of your data is important. There are a lot of benefits to having a flexible and secure business phone system, but to secure your data, you should have a centralized phone system in place. Not having one could put your data at risk. If you’re worried about the security of your data on employees’ personal smartphones when they’re away from the office, read the following to learn how you can secure your business lines today.

Boost Security with Centralized Phone Systems

When you allow your employees to bring their own device to work and make business calls, the security of the data on the device is left to the worker’s own personal security. With a phone system, you can have unique log-ins and passwords set up, so that you can restrict who can access company data on these devices. This can be placed on their device to add an additional layer of protection. With a centralized phone system, you can also have security software put into place, which will encrypt data to prevent hacking and intrusions. Just make sure that you make it a mandatory practice for employees to log into these systems before use. It’s also a good idea to train employees about best practices for keeping their personal devices secure during personal use.

Connecting Personal Mobile Devices to a Centralized System

When an unhealthy interaction between personal and business life is developed on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, it can pose as a threat to the security of company data. On modern phone systems, you can have business calls relayed to employees’ personal smartphones and devices. This allows them to use the same business phone number when they’re away from the office. Team members and clients are able to get a hold of each other with ease when this system is set up. This also keeps an employee’s private numbers private, since they can have access to the business line wherever they are. By having a hosted phone system in your place of business, you can maintain boundaries between work and personal life, while allowing the team to be accessible when needed. The centralized phone system helps to keep interactions professional as well.

Central Phone Systems Keeps Your Employees Accountable

Other than keeping interactions professional, a business phone system can be used to keep track of business communications that can’t otherwise be tracked using a personal device. In some businesses, it’s required for phone calls to be recorded, so to ensure that government regulations are adhered to. This makes tying together personal and business lines a necessary process. This will then enable management to analyze and evaluate business calls that are made by employees on their private devices. Employees who meet and exceed goals can be rewarded appropriately. Or if needed, further training can be provided to certain employees.

By having the employees in the office and those telecommuting connected to a central phone system, you can provide your business and your employees with a variety of benefits. It can be used to keep employees connected while they’re on business trips across the country or the globe. Bridging the gap between the office and distributed team members can keep productivity going strong.

Choose a Reputable Phone Provider

When choosing business phone systems, it’s important to consider the safety of the host. There are different types of phone providers available that are affordable and provide a multitude of features. VoIP phone systems are a great choice because they are affordable and allow businesses to have features like message recording, dial-by-name directories and more. The system you choose should offer security. Make sure to ask about how you can keep your business phone lines encrypted and secured before purchasing a service.

To improve the productivity of your business without sacrificing security, it’s recommended that you use a centralized phone system for everyone. Make sure that all of the personal devices that are used for business purposes, have security software installed to keep the data encrypted. With the above tips, you should be able to implement a business phone system that works well for your company. The great thing about business phone systems is that they can be used by businesses big and small, as well as for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. These phone systems can grow with your company, so that you can keep your phone provider for the long-term. If you have yet to implement a centralized phone system in your business, you should do so to give your team flexibility and security.

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