Keep on Running with the JAM Transit Micro Bluetooth Sport Earbuds [Review]

If you’re like me, the only way you’ll get through a run or pretty much any kind of workout is with a heavy dose of music. As much as you love those giant can headphones like Beats (you look ridiculous), they are obviously not designed for the task at hand.

While earbuds in general are great, typically they are wired, which results in constant fiddling and the occasional tangle. Wired earbuds are a huge pain in the ass, which is why I really love JAM’s Transit Micro Sport Buds. They connect through bluetooth, have more accessories than you’ll know what to do with, and have a great battery life.

The earbuds were tested during numerous four and five mile runs, and a ridiculous 5K where I dressed up as knight.

Jam Transit Micro Bluetooth Sport Earbuds

Design and Packaging

JAM got really creative with the packaging for the Jam Transit Micro Sport Buds. As you can see from the photo, the buds are placed within a BPA-free water bottle. Hydration + protection, can’t beat that!

The only real negative with these earbuds also comes down to the design. Although incredibly light, the components are all stored within each earbuds. That means the weight is not exactly distributed evenly, and when you get sweaty, they slowly try to escape your ear. However, there are several sets of accessories that reduce this from occurring.

Within the package comes three different sized eartips, with two different stylings; a pouch to store it all in; ear fins, and ear hooks. I’ve never seen ear fins before, but essentially they fit into your ear’s Cymba conchae aka the gap above your ear canal. There is also this cord holder that rests behind your neck so the cord doesn’t bounce around as much. For me, I found using a combination of the proper fitting ear tips with the fins worked best; but once things get sweaty the earbuds can start to wiggle free.


Overall the features are great, especially for the price point. Between the battery life and sound quality, the JAM Transit Micro Sport Buds work wonderfully.

Battery Life

The average time to complete a marathon is 4hr 21min 21sec, and the slowest average time (Philippines) is 5hr 5min 13sec. Even at the slowest average rate, you’d practically be able to complete two marathons without running out of battery life. Based on volume, typically the earbuds can last up to 10 hours. They also only take one hour to fully charge back up.


Some of the safety features seem a bit gimmicky, but if you run at night like I do, you take all the help you can get. Along the band stretching from ear-to-ear is a reflective tape. It sort of has the Tron thing going on once light hits it.

There is also an interesting feature called Safe Surround, that allows you to get a better grasp on your surroundings. With a press of the button you cut off audio to your left ear. The other feature may not necessarily be for your safety, but there are two built in magnets in the earbuds to allow them to stay together around your neck. I’d say this feature is more for the safety of others, as cord tangles are liable to end in massive fits of rage smashing (just a slight exaggeration).

Sound Quality

Besides finding the right tune with the right rhythm, blocking out distractions is helpful. The Transit Sport earbuds have a high-quality sound, and definitely help block out traffic around you. They could get just a tiny bit louder, but overall sound great. At least with these you don’t have to be as concerned about going deaf, which is usually right about where I like my music.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Great battery life
  • Sounds great
  • Comes in a water bottle


  • You need to use a combo of accessories to keep the buds in (not a fan of sweat)
  • Could be a tiny bit louder

Overall Thoughts

Should you buy the Micro Sport Buds? Absolutely.

If JAM found a better way to distribute the weight of each earbud so they were less likely to fall out this would receive a perfect score. The battery life is perfect for daily runs or even through a marathon, the sound quality is great, and the accessories help you achieve a great fit. The JAM Transit Micro Sport Buds get a 4.5 out of 5.

Price: $70

Where to Buy: JAM Audio, Amazon

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