Why LeadCrunch Represents the Future of Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is a big issue for all businesses, with acquisition costing 89 percent more than keeping a loyal customer. If you have yet to review your customer acquisition campaign, you may be leaving money on the table. An entire industry has grown up around this need and there are now tools that target every aspect of acquiring new customers.

But technology is driving this industry forward. This has led to the rise of LeadCrunch, which is a tool that uses artificial intelligence in order to generate the hottest leads. And marketers must consider artificial intelligence because it has the potential to completely change the way businesses find customers.

The Need

The biggest disadvantage that businesses have when targeting people is that they aren’t sure whether someone is truly interested in what they have to offer. The only way that they are going to find out is by speaking to them. But this takes time and time is money, regardless of the industry you happen to be in.

LeadCrunch’s lead gathering tool is designed to provide you with customers who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer. This is not a new concept. It’s been built off of the rise of big data.

Big data is something that is increasingly driving the marketing industry. Companies are using numbers in order to craft more accurate impressions of the perfect customers. They are then using those numbers to only target a small number of people. They are getting better and better strike rates because of it.

LeadCrunch is pushing this success to even higher levels. And the best part is this technology is available to both small and medium-sized businesses. That wasn’t always possible before. IT was previously the preserve of large enterprises.

How It Works

This tool could only exist in this day and age due to technology reaching a new stage. Previously, artificial intelligence was in an early stage of growth. It wasn’t accurate to fulfill modern business needs. LeadCrunch has come about due to decades of research into using artificial intelligence for customer acquisition.

Steve Biafore, the chief scientist for LeadCrunch, is one of the masterminds behind this new technology. The main algorithm used was also used to protect 2.5 billion credit cards from fraud. Together with Olin Hyde, CEO, and Sanjit Singh, COO, they formed LeadCrunch.

The reason why this works better than other options on the market is because it collects data and models it on companies that tend to be invisible to most digital marketing tools. For example, collecting data on small businesses has always been especially difficult.

Data is often expensive, out of date, and is only available to large companies. The information used by LeadCrunch has always been available, but it wasn’t always accurate or cost-effective for the vast majority of corporations.

In a nutshell, the average business will fire up LeadCrunch and enter data relating to their most loyal customers. The tool will take the most important data you have entered and then create a lookalike audience. You will receive a list of leads that mirror your most loyal customers.

This works because practically all loyal customers have a number of things in common.

But What About Results?

According to results released by the company, many of their customers have reported triple the number of quality leads. Customers have said that their sales cycles have been sliced in half. These results are encouraging companies to give this tool a try, as the company is receiving 100% more subscriptions every single month.

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Written by:
Eghosa Aihie is a entrepreneur, writer, and motivational speaker. He is the co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Alumnify Inc.
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