Level Up Your Health With These 5 Apps

It may be a trite statement, but the truth is if you don’t have good health nothing else matters. Your fitness and well-being are especially important if you are an entrepreneur with employees and customers counting on you. Fortunately, human innovation and technology means that there is no shortage of amazing apps that you can use to keep your health on track and in some cases improve your wellness levels.

If a healthier 2017 is on your list of priorities, keep reading. Here are five apps that you can use to level up your health.

Charity Miles

This walking and running app is available for both iPhones and Android devices. In some ways it isn’t much different from other running apps. It helps you to track distance and other metrics that you can use to measure your progress as an emerging runner.

There’s just one distinct feature. With Charity Miles, every step you take can mean earning money for a great charity. Not only is that motivation for you, but you can also get your team on board as well. Imagine the goodwill and morale you can build up within your team and even among your social media followers!

Healthcare Blue Book

Ask a small business owner about their healthcare situation, and they will probably tell you “It’s complicated.” When you don’t have a benefits supervisor or human resources department providing you with any guidance, it is often up to you to find the best options when it comes to finding medical providers. This is especially true if you are interested in undergoing an elective procedure.

The Healthcare Blue Book provides you with information on providers near you and how much they charge for various procedures. This means that you and your employees will be armed with the information you need to make the best healthcare decisions possible. Keep this healthcare tech app handy if you want to be able to negotiate the best prices for your or your employees’ care as well.


It can be difficult to stay motivated in your fitness efforts if you cannot see the progress  you are making. If you rely solely on the scale to determine how well you are doing, it is easy to get frustrated and disappointed. This is because the scale doesn’t give you the whole picture.

For example, the scale doesn’t tell you if you have lost fat or gained lean muscle mass. By using MyFiziq app, you can track the real progress you have made towards your fitness goals through a series of useful measurements and other metrics that give you a truly clear picture.


Where’s the closest yoga class? Is it even possible to squeeze in a massage tonight? Is there a decent gym within walking distance of my apartment that isn’t huge and crowded? If you had the MindBody app, you could find the answers to these questions with just a few taps.

This app provides you with instant access to information that you need on the health, fitness, and beauty services near you. Even better, it works with your schedule and helps you track down deals and discounts.

Thrive Market

You may have scrolled past Thrive Market ads on Facebook over the past few months, dismissing them as just another mail order food company. The truth is, Thrive Market is a complete online, health food, grocery store that has the goal of making healthy food accessible and affordable.

Not only can you order groceries to meet virtually any dietary needs, you may find that the options are more affordable than other big box, health food stores in your area. Even better, Thrive Market has an outreach program for people who want to live healthier lives, but struggle financially.

This handful of apps may be key to your fitness and well-being over the next twelve months. Why not download a few and give them a test drive? Your improved health will ensure that you are ready for any challenges that come your way, and that you will be an example to your team.

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