Miami’s LiveNinja is Creating a Video Marketplace for Knowledge Sharing

When the job market collapsed and countless highly skilled individuals lost their income, a Miami startup, LiveNinja, realized that they had a major opportunity. They could build cutting-edge video technology to create a marketplace for millions of people to share their wealth of knowledge.

Will Weinraub, CEO of LiveNinja, had the idea years back but had to wait for the technology to catch up in order to execute it properly. Now, with video conferencing becoming increasingly available, it’s possible to have meaningful interactions with people no matter their physical distance. In December 2012, Will, along with his team Emilio Cueto and Alfonso Martinez, launched LiveNinja in their hometown of Miami.

LiveNinja is a platform designed for people to sell their expertise online. It uses video technology so users can get live advice or learn a skill simply by scheduling a session and then experiencing it right on the site (no third-party downloads necessary). Anyone who is looking to take a yoga class, learn Spanish, or even get legal advice, for example, can simply view the LiveNinja site to access a network of professionals who are experts in their fields. And, recently, the company added a feature for group sessions and events so multiple clients could benefit from a single class.

According to Will, LiveNinja intends to be “the go-to marketplace for buying service-based video-chat sessions on any topic, and on the flip side, allow people – our Ninjas – to monetize their knowledge and create sustainable jobs/income through the use of video chat.” 

Through this video marketplace, LiveNinja adds value to their users’ lives by giving them jobs or teaching them a skill. The two-sided market created by LiveNinja addresses the following needs:

  • Education, by providing a flexible and unique learning experience for users
  • Employment, by creating jobs or an extra income for the experts

LiveNinja even has the ability to impact the way people view “unemployment.” This outdated definition does not consider the middle ground; the millions of freelancers and entrepreneurs who are finding unique ways to make money (and who now have a reliable space to do so in).

In the next few months, LiveNinja plans to launch a new website with a mobile version and release an iOS app with video-call and other capabilities. They are working diligently to capture the needs of their users by giving them more flexibility to monetize on their downtime.

Now, with over 2,000 users, LiveNinja is making a statement that everyone has a skill, passion, or service to share and through their superior product, everyone should be able to educate others, and to make money while doing so.

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Carolina is a lifelong learner, passionate about building communities for tech startups, specifically in her hometown of Miami, FL. After graduating from the George Washington University with a Marketing degree and a minor in dance, she joined Teach for America as a first grade teacher. Since then, she has experience working for startups in Miami and has worked on various projects for early-stage startups in NYC as a student in Startup Institute. Follow her on Twitter: @caroolion.
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