Carolina is a lifelong learner, passionate about building communities for tech startups, specifically in her hometown of Miami, FL. After graduating from the George Washington University with a Marketing degree and a minor in dance, she joined Teach for America as a first grade teacher. Since then, she has experience working for startups in Miami and has worked on various projects for early-stage startups in NYC as a student in Startup Institute. Follow her on Twitter: @caroolion.


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3 Tech Startups Prove Miami is Not All Play

As a Miami resident, there is nothing more upsetting than watching footage of Miami as portrayed on TV. Reel after reel of pretentious cars, fake tans, and string bikinis can really tarnish the image of this growing city. It truly devalues the Miami that…

Miami’s LiveNinja is Creating a Video Marketplace for Knowledge Sharing

When the job market collapsed and countless highly skilled individuals lost their income, a Miami startup, LiveNinja, realized that they had a major opportunity. They could build cutting-edge video technology to create a marketplace for millions of people to share their wealth of knowledge….