Looking for a Good Conversation? Find One on Lissn

May 23, 2011

1:30 pm

Chatroulette first introduced a new way to find conversations with random people around the world in real-time using your webcam. While the service was loved by many at first, it lost traffic very quickly, and some would say that was due to some very inappropriate exposure (if you watch South Park then you probably know what I’m talking about). Although Chatroulette has cooled off now, the door is still wide open for more online conversation services, and is attempting to walk through it.

Introduced in 2009, Lissn has made many advances and is now being described as Twitter meets Omegle. There is no need to sign up for Lissn.  All you have to do is go to their website and start chatting. It allows for three people to chat with each other while any number of people can listen in. The three people chatting are left anonymous except for their location (at the state level) and the site that they came from (Twitter, etc.). All listeners are left completely anonymous. It’s completely free and an awesome way to engage in some interesting conversations with people from all over the world!

Lissn will be showcased at our Tech Cocktail LA event this Tuesday, May 24. If you’re going to be in Los Angeles, then stop by and check them out!

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Henry Sams is a Tech Cocktail intern, college student, and Washington, D.C. metro native who has a passion for new technology and marketing through social media. He has always been interested in new tech innovations, start-ups, and gadgets and would like to create a start-up of his own some day.