Make Your Beer Foamier (and Presumably Better) with Fizzics

I’ve never had a brain for science. An excuse? Perhaps. But I could never seem to wrap my head around the intricacies of biology, chemistry, or physics. Maybe it’s because it was never presented in a way that was engaging to me. However, I think my disinterest in science is finally turning around, thanks to beer,  and a company that is using science to help make beer taste better.

Fizzics, who closed a successful Indiegogo in July, has found a way to infuse beer with more foam and carbonation, thus giving it a better mouthfeel. They do this by controlling pressure flow, fluid and gas dynamics to create good foam, which allows the release of esters, Fizzics encourages foam and carbonation. The device also employs high frequency sound waves and oscillation technologies to diffuse gas, creating a dense and frothy foam.

Their personal beer dispenser gives the user complete control over level of foam. It can even be customized for specific types of beer. Compatible with virtually every type of container including “Bombers” (22-oz bottle package format) and cans from 16-oz “Tall Boys” to 32-oz “Man Cans” or 64-oz growlers, there is no need for a proprietary keg or expensive accessories. It’s also incredibly lightweight and portable, weighing in at only 3.5lbs. And it runs on 4 AA batteries, which you probably already have lying around in a junk drawer.

This product is the mastermind of Philip Petracca, Roger An, and David McDonald, self-professed beer geeks with backgrounds in product and brand development, corporate strategy, and mechanical engineering.  Their “magic beer machine” raised over 300% of their original fundraising goal on Indiegogo, closing out at $192,736 raised.

I have not had time to personally review the Fizzics, but if you’re curious, a few over at Engadget tested the dispenser and gave their unbiased (I presume) opinions.

The Fizzics beer dispenser is currently available for pre-order for $149 (MSRP is $169) and they plan to begin shipping in October.

Here’s co-founder Philip Petracca giving a demonstration for


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