How to Make Your First Facebook Live Stream Successful

Look out, Periscope – Facebook Live is the newest competitor on the market for the go-to live-streaming app, and it’s quickly growing in popularity. Even though it’s a new platform, trends are already emerging on what makes a good live feed and keeps streamers growing in views and Internet fame. Whether you’re looking to master the latest platform or just learn how to communicate with your friends and audience in a new way, here are a few key tips to follow before your first stream on Facebook Live.

Mastering the Basics

Facebook Live, like other live-streaming platforms, require knowledge of angles. Even though it’s available on both Android and iPhone devices, streaming with an iPhone gives you the luxury of having access to more angles. It may seem like a minor detail, but planning out the details of your stream – what you will be doing or talking about, which angle you will commit to – will make your stream go so much smoother.

Also, be sure to take care of other digital housekeeping before hitting “Live”. Be sure your device is charged and that you have a strong WiFi connection. You can reconnect with no problem if you have an unexpected drop, but if you can avoid it altogether, it’s always better to help your stream go as smoothly as possible.

All About the Commentary

Like Periscope, comments appear in real time right on the screen. It’d be best to also have an idea on how you will handle comments as they come in. Some streamers prefer to keep a more spontaneous plan, responding to comments on the fly. But if this is your first time using the app, it’s best to have a plan of action prior to streaming. Be sure to note that you can’t delete comments after your stream is posted (but you can keep the conversation going), so tread with caution.

Truth Is In The Writing

Like anything else on the Internet, content is key. Taking the time to write an eye-catching, thoughtful description that attracts users will help attract more views to your stream. Be careful to find the right amount of words – too little will leave potential viewers confused on whether your stream is right for them, and too much will overwhelm them before they watch.

Get Shameless About Promotion

Anything you do on the Internet and social media should be followed with promotion. Don’t think about it as bragging – in the digital world, if you’re not posting about your own work, no one will. Share it on your social media, but don’t stop there – incorporating timely hooks and relevant trending topics will also boost the attraction potential viewers have to your stream. Be clever with your social promotion, and this will make it that much easier to attract viewers.

With Facebook Live still being relatively new, there’s still a lot of room to make up the rules that work best for you. But following these tips could ensure your first live stream on the platform is a successful one.

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