Mast Helps Freelancers Communicate on Their Own Time

The gig economy is picking up steam fast. From the casual Airbnb renter and Etsy shop owner, to the freelance graphic artists who manage to bang out quite a living, one-third of the adult working population does some kind of freelance, or gig work. And that percentage is only getting bigger.  These people work out of their homes, their cars, co-working spaces, and coffee shops. They take to heart the saying that “work is a thing you do, not a place you go.”

One thing that sets this group apart from traditional 9-5ers is that they communicate differently. They don’t have a work phone that’s paid for by corporate. They often have to use the same device for both personal and business purposes. Since a huge part of being successful in business is having great customer service, it helps when freelancers and other gig workers can have a direct line in which customers, or potential employers can reach them, but ideally, one that they can turn off during date night.

The downside to giving out their personal number is that they are expected to be reachable at any time. Since we’re constantly in our phones these days, it sort of gives the false impression that we’re all available for work related calls at all times too. So much for the importance of work-life balance.

Mast Mobile has come up with a solution for these communication woes. They offer a mobile service that allows subscribers to have two phone numbers on one device-  one number to be used for work and the other for personal use. Along with these two separate numbers, you also have the option to turn them on and off as your day goes from work time to personal time. Once you turn your work number off, all calls will go directly to voicemail.

“We see freelancers and startups put so much time and effort into branding, and voice communication has been the missing piece,” said Mast CEO David Messenger in a statement. “When a freelancer gives a client a New York City work number, it elevates their professional image.  We want to give people a simple and flexible way to juggle their work and personal lives so they are in control and can be more successful, backed up by great service and value.”

This service has just been released exclusively in New York City. Early (and I mean super early) adopters will get the following perks:

  • The first 250 people who sign up for the service get a free iPhone 6s with both numbers built in and pay only $20/ month by signing up here.
  •  Sleep Easy With Free Talk + Text – Mast gives you free unlimited minutes and SMS on one of your two numbers.
  • Complimentary Personal Sign-Up Assistant – Sign up and receive a one-on-one session with a Mast Onboarding Assistant who helps you with the signup process.
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