Mattr: Why Influencer Marketing is Great for Startups [Video]

Startups make important and necessary pivots all the time. For San Francisco-based startup, Mattr, the change proved to be timely. Mattr provides marketers with consumer insights that includes personality data, as well as values, interests and demographics. The startup started as a social segmentation tool, but last year pivoted to include information about influencers.

“We have 22 million influencers, the largest on any app available. And that’s because we believe everyone is influential,” said Carol Scott, Marketing Director of Mattr.

Influencer marketing is becoming very popular tool for companies that want to identify and target individuals who have influence over potential buyers. Mattr uses an algorithmic process that pulls information specific to their online Influencers. The information they provide companies include: Who’s influential to their brand (and what influences them), what’s trending in influential conversations and where untapped Marketing opportunities lie within brand segments.

As more consumers become available in various digital channels–especially in social networks–there is growing need for brands to recognize potential brand ambassadors. Platforms like Snapchat, Vine and Instagram have been changing how marketing is done today.

“Influencer marketing is very important because it has been proven that 95% of people will buy something from a friend or a family member, or someone they trust. If you have an influencer online who can share their favorite things, people who like those people are going to trust them and do what they recommend,” explained Scott.

For more on marketing strategies for startups, watch our interview with Scott during SXSW:

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