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5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Startups

The number of smartphone users around the world continues to increase every year. Small businesses can find it hard to keep up with the constant technology changes, as there are new mobile devices coming out – with each of them having its own operating system and unique set of apps and features. With all this variation and uncertainty, how then can startups optimize their mobile marketing strategy?

Prepare for Mobile Marketing

Before you even think about investing in your mobile marketing campaign, it’s important to consider whether you are ready or not for mobile users. There is absolutely no point in driving consumers to your business (in the form of mobile apps or websites) if the designated place doesn’t offer a great experience for mobile users. The first thing you should determine is what you want from your mobile technology and figure out the objectives of the brand new mobile marketing campaign. Basically, this means that your mobile marketing campaign will go to waste if the users can’t browse your store, make purchases, or ask questions while checking out your page via mobile device.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Web surfers who use mobile devices are a demanding crowd. If a potential customer visits your site and finds out it’s not optimized for his or her device, there is a pretty high chance that they will leave. Your mobile website should be designed in such a fashion that it can keep up with the constant changes in mobile technology (including both tablets and phones) while making the whole process quick and easy. This means that you should limit the data entry required to a minimum in order to provide quick page load time. Including sign up forms for receiving text messages can be very effective for establishing communication with your visitors.

Make the Most Out of Mobile Social Media

When it comes to creating a mobile marketing campaign, don’t neglect the value of social media. Nowadays, the majority of Facebook users use this social network using a mobile device. Other Facebook mobile users’ statistics show that more than one out of six people exclusively browse Facebook via mobile device. By complementing your mobile marketing strategy with social media, you will boost its effect and attract more customers.

Have a Responsive Design

One of the constant mobile marketing trends includes incorporating a responsive design. Basically, a responsive design means that your site can automatically adjust the content and layout of your page, depending on the screen size and the type of device a person is browsing with. When it comes to the best web design practices, responsive design is essential, and it can even save time for marketers, since it can enable catering to a greater mobile audience without the need to create a separate mobile app or site.

Holiday Marketing and New Devices

You should try to take advantage of many new devices that people buy after the holiday season. This is the best time of the year to do this, since 2016 has just began. Look into new iOS or Google Play registrations in order to reach those new device owners. There are many established brands that employ messaging with special focus on new device owners, and it works for them.

The last thing to remember is to test your strategy as much as possible. Use tools to analyze and get insights into how well your campaign is performing. The campaign that succeeds is the one which gets constantly updated.

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