Nabyl Charania of Rokk3r Labs: Focus on Setting Up Your Company, Not Your Idea

In the startup world, ideas matter a lot – an original idea can pay off in the long-run and can ultimately affect whether or not a company will survive in the end. But, according to Rokk3r Labs’s cofounder and CEO Nabyl Charania, the idea can’t stand by itself. In order for a startup to succeed, you need to focus on setting up your company. Because, at the end of the day, a solid company structure ultimately decides whether your idea will even come into fruition.

On the third and last day of Celebrate 2015, Tech Wildcatters cofounder and managing partner, Gabriella Draney, sat down with Charania to chat a little bit about Rokk3r Labs. The company is unique in that it offers an alternative structure to your standard incubator or accelerator model, and unlike a standard dev shop. Instead, Rokk3r Labs offers a cobuilding methodology that’s focused having the company’s team of strategists, creatives, and engineers partner with startups to help them get to where they’re going.

“It’s not just about your idea, but’s how you set up your company,” said Charania. “It come down to the ‘power of exponentiality’: how you’re treating your teams, your interfaces, your dashboards, [et al.] can all really affect how quickly you get to market.”

For Charania, who spent a bulk of his life growing up in Kenya, there this innate belief and desire to ensure that an idea doesn’t just stand on its own. In his discussion with Draney, he spent a good amount of time talking about the importance of harnessing global collective genius – an idea embedded into the model of cobuilding established by the company. Through this unique model, companies working with Rokk3r Labs get the opportunity to create a well-designed company with the help of the company’s specialists.

And Charania is right: an idea on its own can’t stand the various tests of entrepreneurship. And focusing too much on building out the idea for a company or a product takes away from the much more important task of actually making sure that your business is in top shape to survive through many hardships.

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