Newly Launched MunchQuick Aims to Deliver Healthy Hot Meals in Under 20 Minutes

Lunchtime is that sacred part of the day when our troubles slip away – if only momentarily – and the stresses of work or school simply become naught but a tiny ripple in our pond of consciousness, moving away from our center until finally disappearing into nothingness. And in this brief one hour(ish) period, we are left only to focus on one thing: food (I mean, duh). Despite the many offerings that DC has – from the simplicity of take-out to the convenience of a short walk to restaurants or food trucks – there’s still the problem of time economics: the amount of time it takes to actually walk somewhere, let alone wait for the food to cook, cuts into the precious few moments you have with your beloved (food…). MunchQuick, a recently launched startup in DC hopes give you back that time, by providing you with fresh, hot, healthy meals delivered to you in under 20 minutes.


From beef stroganoff to spicy vegetable curry, MunchQuick’s daily menu offerings are diverse.

Launched at the end of June, MunchQuick is a new food startup that both cooks healthy, filling meals, and delivers them to customers curbside – all in under 20 minutes or less. All one has to do is to place an order directly through MunchQuick’s website or mobile application, and the food is guaranteed to be delivered within 20 minutes otherwise the meal’s on the company. The company’s meal offerings change every day, with different offerings each day for an entree, vegetarian entree, salad side dish, and dessert. Prices so far have ranged from $3 to $10, and features dishes like beef tortellini with arugula and sun-dried tomatoes, tuna salad nicoise, and crepes with fried apples.


Right now, MunchQuick is serving the following zip codes from Monday-Friday 11:00AM-2:00PM: 20004, 20005, 20006, 20036, 20062.

Right now, the company is only making deliveries around the K St business area in NW, between 22nd and 10th. The meals are cooked from their commercial kitchen in Alexandria, VA, but meals are kept in incubators that the company built itself, allowing for already-cooked meals to be delivered in such a short time-span. MunchQuick has also partnered with Martha’s Table to donate any excess meals (in addition to a set amount the company will donate regularly). As to why the company began its operations in DC, cofounder Asad Yusupov says:

“Food in DC is huge…and there’s a huge entrepreneurial community when it comes to food. There are companies out West doing similar things [to MunchQuick], but when it comes to something where you can order a fresh meal and have it delivered to you in ten or twenty minutes, there’s nothing yet like that here.”

Since launching on June 30th, Yusupov tells me that they’ve sold out on meals everyday. MunchQuick has already accomplished a small raise from outside Angels, and is looking to hire additional chefs and drivers to their team. Currently, the company is working on the mobile app that will allow customers to order and track their deliveries.

Visit MunchQuick’s website to learn more or to place your next lunch order. 

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