Nice Laundry: Revolutionize your sock drawer (Kickstarter project)

This is a story of two friends who quit their jobs to revolutionize men’s sock drawers. After quitting, Phil Moldavski and Ricky Choi only took six months (with two months spent learning web development at dev bootcamp) to launch their first Kickstarter campaign on March 6th. Within the first 24 hours, the company attracted 283 backers, which the founders said is the record for a fashion project’s first day.

Nice Laundry wants men to start their day by opening up their sock drawer and seeing a full set of colorful and inspiring socks. They started by taking their favorite pair of $38 socks and redesigning them to maintain the same quality, but sell for $6 per pair (shipping is free). In order to make it easy for men to order, they have created hand-picked and unique packs of socks based on your personality. Packs are themed with titles like “Exec,” “Wild Child,” or “Dreamer.” You can replace your whole sock drawer for only $90.

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With every order, they will send you a prepaid shipping label to make it easy for you to send your old socks back. A significant percentage will be reused and repurposed, while the balance will be converted into recycled fibers.

“As a customer, sending your old socks back for recycling is a tangible investment in the cause. They will take on a second life, either being reused or recycled into cool things like home insulation. The U.S. generates 21 billion pounds of textile waste per year, on track to hit 35 billion pounds by 2019. We want to do our part to help get that number to zero.”

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With badass socks at a reasonable price and a way to help give back to mother earth, it’s easy to see why people are backing this project. If Nice Laundry can continue designing and producing high end fashion for men at a reasonable price, they have a lot of room to grow from revolutionizing the sock drawer to the entire closet.

Nice Laundry is based out of Washington, DC, a growing tech hub. As of today, they have 434 backers who backed them with over $24,000.

Disclaimer: I am a backer, and I am excited to receive the “Exec” set.

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